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  1. Pepe played 100 minutes with an injury? Just when I thought I couldn't be any more impressed with his tournament...
  2. Well, he's better than Giroud and Gignac but that atmosphere in the dressing room would have been something else.
  3. "That's what happens when you leave the best 9 in the world at home. Congrats Portugal! Congrats Cronaldo/Pepe"
  4. Pepe deserves player of the tournament, probably end up going to Griezmann
  5. Winning the tournament after finishing third behind Iceland and Hungary Such an awful tournament deserved a fraudulent winner, amazing. Going to have so much fun reading the reactions to this
  6. He's been immense all tournament. I'd love this if they hadn't cried so much after what Greece did to them
  7. Cronaldo has been ***** all tournament though.
  8. No Cronaldo on the pitch to fire this into the wall, France should be worried. Hahahahahahahaha, it hit Eder
  9. I'm so glad I completely forgot about the final and missed the first 80 minutes of this. Won't be satisfied with anything less than the most comical penalty shootout of all time now.
  10. Messi wasn't even the best Argentinian player ffs. M'Bolhi robbed of Golden Glove
  11. Exactly, not only was it a dive but the dive has wrecked Blind's knee too
  12. So how about scapegoating the players that were really responsible, like Luiz and Marcelo?
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