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  1. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Have managed to play the game today but only got through 3 matches due to the speed (or lack of) in the actual matches....tried all the advice on forums(window mode etc etc) even tried reinstalling in Uni' mode from STEAM......came out of the game and then when I went to go back in it wouldn't load.....FM encountered problem and needs to close or some crap. Spent all weekend trying to sort this nonsense out (experiencig a catologue of errors and fixes and so on) and have now given up, uninstalled the game, taken disk out of pc for first time since Friday afternoon....will be returning it tomorrow.....What a Joke. I just want to know if you can get updated players and club details for FM08??????????????????? (Wont hold my breath on an answer to this question.) If you can I will gladly re-install and play FM08 as it was a lot less hassle than 09 (which has been more like work than leisure)
  2. Windowed Mode

    Hi Mark, Bit confused here, I have converted the game to windowed mode and though it has improved the performance in general, the match engine is still incredibally slow. It takes forever to set up the match and then (even though I am running 2d and without highlights most of the time) with 'full' on match speed it takes probably 10 minutes to play a single game (without subs or tactical changes which take even longer). I have my screen set at 1024 by 768 so I am not sure what else I can do. My pc dealt with FM08 perfctly and a very good speed, is it the case that 09 has changed so much that it has now out dated my pc or is there something else I can be doing? It's a pity because it took me until yesterday (from Friday) to eventually get up and running and I have tried STEAM and Uni' version but both run the matches so slowly at the minute that I will probably have to return the game. As I say the rest of the game runs quite quickly. Any advice welcome, Thanks,
  3. FM09 is slower than FM08.

    Sorry to bother you again Tilton but I just pasted followed the above instructions but the windowed option is still greyed out. I am not sure if it has anything to do with the shortcut being a STEAM shortcut and not saying anything about Football manager in it?? Here what I ended up with in the target box...... "C:\Program Files\Steam\steam.exe" -applaunch 10540-small_screen -windowed. Does that seem right? Cheers
  4. FM09 is slower than FM08.

    Hello Mate, My windowed mods is greyed out and I am struggling to find where to type 'small_screen -windowed.' I have a Steam shortcut, do I right click this and then go into properties? If so where should I type it? I see the 'target' box but this is under the tab called shortcut not apps. I just want to make sure I get this right....sorry for the repetition. Should I restart the game after I have done this? Thanks
  5. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    this game is currently unavailable please try again a another time.... Any fix on this yet, trying to launch through steam but get the above message..... Been asking for some help with this since 8am and been trying to play the game since 2pm yesterday. Tried installing uni version but had graphics instllation problem....which of the two peoblems is easier to fix (I have already dowloaded patch and DXSDX to no avail). Please Help
  6. Official Q+A Thread - Activation / DRM

    I am having the same problem jonny lad. I have been posing requests for an answer to this since 8am and have been ignored all day, I see Mark from SEGA has been on to answer other queries but keeps ignoring this one, I presume they do not know the answer to this problem.....complete farce.
  7. Official Q+A Thread - Activation / DRM

    I'm screwed either way, I went through Steam this time because when I tried uniloc I got the graphics error message, dowloaded all the supposed fixes (Direct X etc) and then it starte to load but just brought up a black screen. Now with Steam the game is apparantly 'unavailable and I should try again later'. Absolute farce, just to play a f****n game.
  8. Official Q+A Thread - Activation / DRM

    Any chance of some help with this query I originally posted 5-6 hours ago Trying to launch game through STEAM and gettng the message 'This game is currently unavailable please try again a another time'....any ideas why this is or how to fix???????? Installation seems to have been fine.
  9. Official Q+A Thread - Activation / DRM

    Trying to launch through STEAM and gettng the message 'This game is currently unavailable please try again a another time'....any ideas why this is or how to fix???????? Tried numerous ways to get this going over past 24hrs and had multitude of problems with keycode and graphics not installing properly etc etc.....this is my last attempt and then I think I'll have to give up and return the game to the shop.