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  1. I'm sure that this list must be out there somewhere but I'll be damned if I can find it!!! Whilst playing FM10 (and previous versions) every now and then tips pop up stating things like "a good striker will have high attributes in..." - is there a list anywhere of all of these in game hints? Many thanks, Paul. p.s. I have found hundreds of lists of peoples personal preferences - all I am after are the ones from within the game
  2. When I try to launch the game I get a Steam - Error pop-up box which states "Failed to contact key server". I am now getting seriously hacked-off! All I want to do is play the game that I have purchased! Can somebody please tell me how to run the game without going through Steam?
  3. When I click to launch the game I get a System - Error stating that the game is currently unavailable and that I should try again later - is this some kind of twisted joke? I've paid for the game and would like to play it whenever the hell I choose! Is there anyway that I can play the game without going through Steam?