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  1. So I've noticed there are often a lot of news items where a former manager or player talks out about either the good form or bad form of a team, or supporting an under pressure manager etc. I thyink I've even been quoted in one of those pieces despite never being asked a question directly. I think it would really improve journeyman saves if this were to happen in press conferences for the player manager. I know we are occasionally asked about spending habits of a new manager or to respond to their criticism of us, but I've never been asked to comment on the player I think is most influential, or about the fact the team is in the Champions League final etc.
  2. BossPenguin

    January update

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the update doesn't just cover player moves and transfers, it's the last patch for match engine and other game play issues. When you consider that it's quite an important piece of work and rushing it out seems like a bad idea.
  3. Would others be interested in more comprehensive manager stats? I'm thinking more for the user than AI managers. The reason I thought about it is during a Journeyman career I lose track of which managers I have faced and previous results (especially if they have also moved clubs). I'd be really interested to be able to see a manager 'head to head' as the seasons rolled on. Then things to highlight the managers and teams you have the most success against and vice versa. So maybe I have a great record against PSG but then Klopp takes over and I have an awful one against him it would add to some of my enjoyment of the game to have that sort of thing available, if not highlighted (I think that sort of information would make the pre-match build up screens more than just a click through, especially later in the game). Expanding on this I'd quite like to see User Manager's profiles include a 'Records' section, much like the clubs, listing the same sort of information, biggest win, biggest loss, highest scoring game, biggest attendance managed in front of, lowest attendance, highest avg rated player over one season, player who has scored most goals in a season, player who has scored most goals for you over your career etc etc etc (Hell a Best Ever 11 of people you've managed fit to your most used formation would also be interesting). I'd also like a list of every competition you've ever managed in and your best performances. I also believe if these stats existed it would add more flavour to some of the social media/news items. Your fans bemoaning your awful track record against Big Sam, a news item informing you that reaching the quarter finals of the Checkadale Trophy is the furthest you've come in 20 years of competing in the competition etc Football Manager is at it's core a game for people who love stats, I think by adding a little more effort into the individual stats of the user could add some extra flavour to the game, which I've seen some complain doesn't engage them as much as it once did. What do others think?
  4. Have been really enjoying the Dynamics feature but |I always had a concern that it wouldn't have a 'memory', and unfortunately that has been proven to be the case. I had a young midfielder in my recent save with FC United, he attracted interest from Partick Thistle and indicated he wanted to discuss terms with them. After selling him I approached Thistle to loan him back (as I'd forgotten to include that in the actual sale negotiations), they happily accept the offer and the player rejoins my team without even missing a match. The problem is his partnership with the other two players in my midfield has been reset and my tactical familiarity has fallen a few notches as it would if I had bought a player who had no knowledge of the club. Apparently less than a week in Scotland completely destroyed his memory. I have to say this is a pretty large disappointment as I had wondered if in long term saves I'd be able to reunite past players who had formed strong bonds in previous teams and have some nice continuity, but apparently that's not the case. It does, potentially, highlight one of my issues with the franchise as a whole. Every year new features are added with a great deal of potential, but then in following years little progress is made to fulfil that promise. The Media Interactions is a great example, it has remained relatively static since it was introduced, as have the majority of the news items (there is relatively little difference in winning the Premier League with Rotherham United for the first time in their history as their is winning it for the 23rd time for Manchester United). So I fear while the Dynamics module has plenty of potential we may never see it due to focus being shifted towards whatever is next years new shiny feature.
  5. I'm really enjoying the Dynamic's feature but I worried from the start it would not 'carry over' i.e it would have little memory. In my FC United save I sold a player to Partick Thistle and immediately loaned him back. He previously had a strong understanding with two other players in a 3 man midfield which has completely disappeared. I imagine this is relatively easy to replicate, and don't know if it's a bug or just something that will need to be improved upon in future games, if a PKM is needed please tell me
  6. Since the last beta patch my games have been lagging after highlights, mostly after goals, and this has continued with the full release. I've lowered graphical quality and it makes no difference, after the highlight finishes playing the screen just processes with the match stats for about a minute before the team information displays and the game gets underway again. It's taking me quite a long time to get through matches.
  7. According to my post history last year it came out at 23:02 (UK Time), but as said above there is no set time, just got to keep an eye on Steam
  8. I think this is a problem with transparency, one which is becoming an increasing issue with FM. Rarely is a straight answer given for anything. If Miles simply came out and said 'We're doing to lay the foundations for something big in the future, therefore we have removed the option', I think most would be ok with the explanation, if not thrilled. Instead the answer he gave doesn't actually make any sense given there are numerous managers and players with their photo's officially in the game (and they don't look 'bad'), and then the mods here have to respond as you did, with a guess and 'We just have to get used to it' or to say how it doesn't bother them. This leaves next to no-one satisfied. I know the mods here have no control over Miles' Twitter, or the direction of the series, but it's an issue that I believe needs reviewing by SI and Miles, as it leaves a sour taste in the mouth.
  9. My biggest problem with this statement is the fact plenty of managers and players from licensed teams have 2d photo's. Is Miles suggesting that Marco Silva and the Watfrod team are going to look ludicrous in game because they have real faces? No, because literally the only place this appears that it would be problematic is before you even load your save.
  10. BossPenguin

    How to prevent being sacked

    If I recall correctly if you have the official in game editor if you go into your profile and select the edit tool there is an option to become unsackable. Edit: Just checked and it's the third option from the bottom.
  11. I restarted Steam a few minutes ago and have a 161mb update, so I assume so...
  12. BossPenguin

    FM15 Need help with a Warning.

    Apologies have found a relevant thread.
  13. BossPenguin

    FM15 Need help with a Warning.

    Hi, I hope I haven't missed this being addressed somewhere obvious. I edited a database to include some created players, make some super rich teams across Europe and edit Prize Money in the Premier League. I saved the data and got this warning: Warning: Cannot find setup_discipline_rules function for this group I clicked through and it all still saved. I then started a new game with the database and the same warning came up on set up. I checked and the discipline rules are set in the English Leagues I edited. It also shows the warning every time I load the game. Does anyone have any idea what I might have done to cause this and if it will be a serious problem going forward?