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  1. I'm looking to get myself a laptop, primarily for Football Manager, but would also like some potential to play other AAA games adequately (I don't need super incredible graphics etc), and some browsing and streaming. I'd love to be able to run a large number of leagues at a reasonable speed (the dream has been able to load every available league without each day taking a painfully long time to process, but I know this may not be feasible) and have matches run on high graphical settings. I also like to download facepacks and logo's etc, not sure if this needs to be taken into account
  2. I've had a dream for a long time to be able to play FM while running as many leagues as possible and running the graphics at their highest. I'm now in a position where I can get myself a decent laptop and was wondering what the best options in the approx £900-£1100 range? FM is the main priority, but I also often like to have Netflix or a downloaded movie playing in the background, and the ability to browse the Web. I also wouldn't mind the ability to be able to play other more graphically intense games (not necessarily at their highest specs) , they are not a priority but it w
  3. So I've noticed there are often a lot of news items where a former manager or player talks out about either the good form or bad form of a team, or supporting an under pressure manager etc. I thyink I've even been quoted in one of those pieces despite never being asked a question directly. I think it would really improve journeyman saves if this were to happen in press conferences for the player manager. I know we are occasionally asked about spending habits of a new manager or to respond to their criticism of us, but I've never been asked to comment on the player I think is most influent
  4. Would others be interested in more comprehensive manager stats? I'm thinking more for the user than AI managers. The reason I thought about it is during a Journeyman career I lose track of which managers I have faced and previous results (especially if they have also moved clubs). I'd be really interested to be able to see a manager 'head to head' as the seasons rolled on. Then things to highlight the managers and teams you have the most success against and vice versa. So maybe I have a great record against PSG but then Klopp takes over and I have an awful one against him it would add to
  5. Have been really enjoying the Dynamics feature but |I always had a concern that it wouldn't have a 'memory', and unfortunately that has been proven to be the case. I had a young midfielder in my recent save with FC United, he attracted interest from Partick Thistle and indicated he wanted to discuss terms with them. After selling him I approached Thistle to loan him back (as I'd forgotten to include that in the actual sale negotiations), they happily accept the offer and the player rejoins my team without even missing a match. The problem is his partnership with the other two players
  6. Since the last beta patch my games have been lagging after highlights, mostly after goals, and this has continued with the full release. I've lowered graphical quality and it makes no difference, after the highlight finishes playing the screen just processes with the match stats for about a minute before the team information displays and the game gets underway again. It's taking me quite a long time to get through matches.
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