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  1. Bit late to the party, but the entire time since the FM19 beta was out & also back on FM18 i've had nigh-on constant stuttering and low frame rates in matches (48-50fps) on a laptop (i7-6700q, 16gb RAM 970m) that should be able to run a locked 60 at 1080p with no problem, tried everything in nvidia control panel with no luck . Tonight though i stumbled across this post and have inadvertently solved it. It's all to do with Geforce experience. As soon as i open the page where you "optimise" the game in there and keep it open minimised, the matches run at a locked smooth as silk 60fps. As soon as i exit that page (by clicking back, or closing the app) it dives to 48-50 fps. I can see no logic in why this would be the case, but have tested it for an hour with numerous restrats and it works 100% of the time. It's bizarre, but it works. edit: have done a few more hours over the weekend and this still hold true. I open the game, go to a match & the fps is approx 50 & its jerky and stuttery. I open Geforce Experience & go to the page with the shot of the FM19 match engine at the top and the settings at the bottom with a green "optimise" button on the right hand hand side and just keep it open in the background and it is totally smooth at a locked 60. As i've already said, i don't understand this, it doesn't appear to make any sense, but it works 100% of the time so im happy!! Maybe this can help some of the others in this thread?
  2. So im aware that im in danger of hijacking this thread but i think this is interesting! Once i'd got my new windows install fully up and running my 6700HQ with 16gb DDR4 was taking 5:10 to 5:25 to do Test A. However there was weird quirk where if i ran it immediately when turning it on after work (i.e switched off all day) it would only take 4:35ish This mirrored a trend i'd had last year with Dirt Rally where the frame rate would dive by 20% after a few minutes play for no apparent reason. So on Friday night (im that cool!) i realised that i hadn't updated the BIOS since i got the laptop so as a speculative punt i updated to a new version from the MSI website. Well now that discrepancy is still there but the initial run takes 4:10 and the ones after between 4:20 & 4:25, so found another whole minute! By reinstalling Windows and updating the BIOS i've gone from 6:10 to 4:20 for Test A. Quite the improvement!! Edit: Done 3 tests on Benchmark B and they come back between 7:55 & 8:10, very quick!
  3. Laptop was 14 months old, but gets used a lot. Going to repeat the test often while I install different bits & bobs
  4. Well I decided that my laptop could use a fresh start & did a fresh install of Windows (10). Having installed literally just the NVidia drivers and steam my time has gone from 5:56 to 4:54 on test A so something was definitely slowing it down. Now I just need to determine if it was some software I had installed or one of the myriad of graphics, mods etc that I have on the game (used a completely vanilla version for 4:54) At least I know the hardware is kosher........
  5. I thought something similar, so i did a test with the fans at 100% and the temps never exceeded 85c (i think 88c is where it tops out & starts throttling) & it was actually a few seconds slower. Its not a biggie, its faster than most, just don't like losing!!
  6. Same setup here & yet im 1 min slower on A & 3 mins slower on B? Hmmmmm
  7. I got a red white & blue Brexit!! Seriously though i got the hardest of hard Brexits: leaving EU, abolition of Bosman & Northern Irelanders needing a WP As a lower league manager the Bosman vanishing has been a major pain in the arse
  8. So i just noticed one of my Strikers has "dreads playing in big matches" on his report. (poor guy) It got me thinking, now i obviously have an idea of what a big match is in real life, but considering we're a league 1 team, what in FM land what does this mean? Playoff games? Cup ties against higher league opposition? Local Derbies? Relegation/Title run ins?
  9. I remember some analysis from the 2010 World cup where there was 1 goal for every 55 corners. They're not as frequent as you might think
  10. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts would be. I am playing a regular 4-4-2 with my St Albans team in league 2 & up front i have a TM-S who is left footed & an AF who is a right footer. Which way round should they go? I have the AF on the right as it means he can shoot across the goal more effectively but im really not sure. I also have a right/left split in my centre mid, the left is a Box to box, the right a ball winner.I have the left on the right so when hes bursting forward he has more options across the pitch, but again im not sure Heck im not even sure it does make a difference!
  11. Not sure if this is the right place but I think i have some good news, which you guys might be interested in. Like a lot of people i've had an issue with FM16 of a black screen at launch, requiring alt+tab to go back to desktop and then click back in, not game-breaking but still annoying Well tonight my laptop has installed a bigger than usual windows (10) update (took 30 mins and gave me a welcome message afterwards) and i've installed new Nvidia drivers (372.90) and now the issue has gone, it launches straight into the game. From what i can see, one of these 2 things has sorted the issue.
  12. Its taken a while, but i've worked through every windows 10 compatible driver on the Nvidia website & the problem occurs on all of them. This doesn't necessarily mean its not a driver related issue, just that it hasn't been fixed yet & wasn't broken by a previous driver I'm going to play around with a few things, see if i can eliminate some possibilities. Things like compatibility mode, tweaking settings in the Nvidia control panel & the shift mode in the dragon gaming centre Maybe by the time i've tried all the options FM17 will be out
  13. Halfway through my 2nd season with Boca Juniors. Been playing since CM01/02 & realised that i'd never managed a club team from outside Europe! Looked at Brazil, but the State Championships are a massive drag. Carlos Tevez is an absolute goal machine Also this year i've taken Stevenage to the Prem, Spurs to 3 consecutive Champs Lgs (2020/21/22) & did 4 years at AC Milan as well as taking England up to the 2022 WC, all in just 934 hours
  14. Just a little sidebar on this issue, i got this issue on the laptop i bought in January (along with the random freezes i've detailed elsewhere) & can get by it with ctrl-alt-del. I reinstalled some older versions to see if they would have this issue and of FM 2012-2015, only 2014 did, the rest all started up fine. not sure if it means anything, but i did think it was it was a bit weird that Fm15 was fine, but 14 wasn't
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