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  1. Best skin?

    Klasa 1.1. Quality dark skin with several backgrounds. Simple, great attribute colours and nice tab features!
  2. Is it just me?

    I'm often really shocked when i see the player in real life. I kinda allready have an image of what they should look like on the game and then see them and it ruins it for me cause it's so different! Also i'll think i know what the pronounciation of someone on FM's name and then IRL some club buys them and they tell you on sky sports news and your like "what the hell, sound nothing like what i thought!" - classic example, Jesus - i thought pronounced Gee-sus, actually pronounced hey-zues or something. Totally threw me!
  3. Addictedness Rating

    I've had "I am now a Football Manager expert" My favourite was "Remember to call your family for more sick leave" - about 6 or 7 days in, can't really remember, made me giggle though!
  4. Funny Screenshots Thread

    His avergae rating for that season was like 5.78 but still played 34 times in the league!! Rochdale manager seems like a bit of a tard!
  5. Funny Screenshots Thread

    It's called Klasa and it kicks bottom!! Link - http://www.sortitoutsi.net/2009/graphics/downloads/1029/Klasa%20V1.1%20+%20Gold%20vs. Enjoy!
  6. Funny Screenshots Thread

    In case any one else was wondering i went back and checked out who played!
  7. Fm2010

    I wonder how many people pre-ordered CM09 only to never have it delivered!!! Can't see FM doing this though so i'll definitely pre-order next month. I remember when either an old CM/FM SI game got delayed till after Christmas and SI used it as a tag line on billboards saying "The best managers know the action doesn't start until after Christmas!". Thought it was a clever piece of advertising!
  8. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Don't worry he'll be injured half way through the first game!!
  9. Birmingam City 1-2 Everton FA Cup 3rd round. I'm still a Championship side so can't complain too much!
  10. Funny Screenshots Thread

    But who gets the match ball. I never see scores like this in my game normally. FA Cup for ya!!! By the way i'm not managing either!
  11. Randomization

    Back in the day there used to be a programme for and old CM (CM01/02 i think) where it would randomise every player to random clubs. Gave a pretty interesting start cause you could be a rubbish team and get a world class player or be a great team and get a load of 19 yr old johnny foreigners with no potential. Does any one know if you can achieve this with any tool/editor out at the moment??
  12. Also could be a good idea to choose your tactics and team very carefully if your down to one match left to win the league. Sometimes it can be better to play it down and make the team prove you wrong rather than expecting to win. Also playing a couple of decent youngsters and resting a big name the game before can really help. The youngsters will be fresh and try to prove themselves.
  13. The new UI?

    I don't have FMH although i just checked and it was only the one skin. Maybe it was FM08?? Oh well. SI - give us an alternative dark skin with the normal bright one please, we love choice!!!
  14. My only issue with the Italian League is if your AC or Inter. I was AC and won the league 5 years on the trot and in the last year i went the whole season undefeated. Never got to a Champs League Final in those 5 seasons though. I ended up resigning and moving to Blackpool for more of a challenge!! If your going to do Italy be either Roma, Fiorentina or Sampdoria!!!
  15. The new UI?

    I think a massive redesign is just what they need. Could make fans fall in love with the series again by getting rid of the current accessibility flaws and bringing the game into the modern world. Also let's not forget that SI shipped the last FM with 2 different skins so to start berating the one you see on a single screen shot is a bit pathetic if you ask me.