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  1. Yeah mate which is why he said he was waiting for an offer to come in from me
  2. I am currently managing Real Sociedad and we have just finished 4th in the league and qualified for the Champions League.. Marcos Llorente was on loan at Fulham and they finished 18th and were relegated to the Championship.. Fulham had an option to sign him for 5m,but he rejected their contract offer as he knew i was interested and even said he was waiting for an offer to come in from my club.. Problem is though i couldn't make an offer because Fulham had already had the option to sign him... So Fulham had an option to sign him but he rejected and was waiting for me,but i couldn't make an offer until the 30th of June (the in game date was the 22nd),so Llorente only had to wait 8 days for me to come in for him... Instead Fulham made another offer and he joins them,therefore he is now a Championship player instead of a Champions League player? Would this happen really,or am i just thinking too deeply about it....i'm annoyed as i was waiting until the 30th and he was perfect for my team lol
  3. Thanks for the help mate,i'll give it a go
  4. Is it possible to resize the shirts and numbers on the tactics screen at all,they look pretty small and i prefer a bigger shirt and number? I've looked in a few different skins panels but i don't know what lines i'm looking for.. Any help is appreciated thankyou
  5. Sorry everyone who would have helped,i've fixed it while i was waiting for a reply Turns out my folders location had changed somehow Feel free to delete or lock
  6. Hey guys,i could do with some help if possible please... I've been playing the game since release day,i've had all my logos,kits and facepacks all loaded and working since then...i've also been using a few skins since release...mainly aurum and andromeda.. I've loaded up my game this morning and suddenly all my kits,logos,facepacks and skins are not working,i don't even have any skins showing up in my list in preferences...i've reinstalled them but no difference.. Any help would be appreciated,thanks
  7. When I was Inter I was playing a 4-3-1-2 so obviously I had no wingers.. Antonio Candreva is a superb winger and I wanted him in my team because of his great attributes,so I trained him as a FB and a WB..he became a very consistent player and became first choice for Italy in those positions too...eventually sold him to Real Madrid where they also played him there along with Carvajal.. I always train wingers into FB and WB as it always gives you another option.
  8. I agree mate,it's a formation i've always liked and even more so with the Milan team under Ancelotti with a midfield 3 of Pirlo,Gattuso and Seedorf with the impressive Kaka in front of the 3 and then the lethal Shevchenko leading the line.. My team is a little similar right now.. I have Joao Mario pulling the strings from deep - so he's my Pirlo Kondogbia/Brozovic are the box to box/roaming playmakers - they are the Seedorf in my team Medel/Fernando are the ball winners - The Gattuso type of player Ever Banega/Gabriel Barbosa - the advanced playmaker/shadow striker - Kaka of my team Then there's the lethal Mauro Icardi who is a similar player to Shevchenko leading the line I don't have anywhere near the defence of Maldini,Nesta,Cafu or Stam so my next plan is getting my defence sorted.
  9. Again thanks for the feedback,and what you described with dropping your AM/key player that little bit deeper is basically what Klopp did with Coutinho which in turn brought Liverpool and Coutinho success.. What i've done is drop my AM and instead gone with a DM behind my 3 central midfielders...so now my 2 wider CM's can go forward and link up with my 2 strikers without me getting caught out as much,i now have my DM sitting in front of my two CB's and a DLP on support pulling the strings in front of him...and my FB's are now just regular FB's on support...i've got my balance back which has seen my results dramatically improve as i'm now in 4th with Icardi back among the goals.. I'm not really someone who likes to go deep into a save,i usually restart after about the 3rd season,but this year i'm really enjoying this save and i'm enjoying having to adapt my team...normally by now i'd have tried about 5 different new formations...got sacked and then restarted but i'm enjoying having to think and change a few things each game etc.. Thanks for the help everyone,much appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the feedback,i've changed my wingbacks to FB on support and i am now seeing more balance to my attacks so you make a good point,i'll keep trying with variations and see if i improve more.
  11. Thanks for the feedback,i'll tweak a few roles around as you've mentioned and see how i get on.
  12. Thanks guys.. I was doing a lot of reading on the second season problems many have,and mainly the advice was to just tweak a few roles in your formation and don't risk changing it all...obviously it isn't working so i'll experiment with a new formation I'll try the 4-2-3-1 like you mentioned dcaine and see if it changes my luck.. But the annoying thing is that i was enjoying that formation,and as i said it brought success,and i even brought in players for that formation in the future.. I've read many threads saying it is best to bring in players to fit your formation/ideas..but it looks as though teams have countered my formation.. So am i right to try a new formation,or is there any other ideas i can come up with that maybe helps me against the deeper sitting teams with my 4-3-1-2?
  13. Before i explain,i just want to say that although i'm suffering the second season syndrome i am in no way here to rant and slag this game off...i'm actually here for advice and help please.. I am managing Inter and i am halfway through my second season,18 games played where i am a very disappointing 10th and i'm out of the Champions League. My first season was a huge success,i finished 3rd in the league and also won the Italian Cup and the Europa League. I played with a 4-3-1-2 formation - Control and flexible with no instructions unless i needed to in a game ....................................GK-D............................. WB-A..............CD-D...........CD-D............WB-A ..................BBM........DLP-D......BBM.......... ...................................AP-S.......................... ....................AF-A......................F9-S.................... Joao Mario was my deep playmaker and was pulling the strings,feeding the midfield box to box midfielders,they linked perectly with my AP who was Ever Banega,who played behind the lethal Mauro Icardi.. It all worked like a dream and i dominated most teams apart from Juventus who ended the season as Italian and European Champions....i even beat Man Utd in the Europa Semi Final,then beat Barcelona in the final (they finished 3rd in their champions league group) Mauro Icardi finished as the european golden boot winner with 43 goals in 51 appearances.. I was playing free flowing football and scoring for fun.. Fast forward to the 2nd seasonand i am the complete opposite,if you just think of Liverpool this season...their form at the beginning of the season was my first season,and their form towards the end is my second season.. Teams defend deeper and more compact which is understandable,so these teams i were beating 4,5 or even 6-0 i am now drawing 0-0 or losing by the odd goal on the counter or by set piece..After 18 league games my top scorer is Joao Mario with 5 goals...my lethal and feared striker Mauro Icardi has 3....in contrast Higuain of Juventus has 21 goals in 16 appearances and Juventus are 5 points clear with 2 games in hand.. The only player they have bought is William Carvalho who is more of a back up,and they use the same formation so nothing has changed but they are still very formidable whereas i've hit a brick wall very hard.. I've bought a few young back up players who i want to build up and eventually bring into my team.. I've tried tweaking my roles and duties and dropped deeper etc but all it does is invite pressure where i eventually concede....my job has gone from secure to very insecure in a space of a few months...i'm now in the same position as Mourinho at Chelsea and Ranieri at Leicester where my players have downed tools.. Could my problem be down to not improving my squad and relying on the same players?...but then again Juventus didn't and they are dominating...or again is this because they have a powerful squad anyway? Can i please get advice from anyone who has encountered any problems after success please Thanks
  14. First of all congrats on a superb skin,this is definitely my fave.. I have a small tweak that i'm trying to do and I don't understand all the tech jargon so my apologies if this has been asked already.. I'm wanting to know if it's possible to move the club logo up a bit from behind the players head,and if so how please? This is how it looks in my game..
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