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  1. Apologies for fuzzyness, the screeny is a large thumbnail, right click and grab the URL for the full res one. *Edit - actually that doesn't work... The other midfielder is a box to box midfielder, trying to get Gerrard or Henderson forward more. Instead of the 3 specialist roles then, if I wanted to keep a fluid system, what player roles would be better? Something like a CM defend to link the back to front and a standard AM and CM roles with allowing them to roam?
  2. I will give this a go, so far one game at home vs Stoke, won 3-0 so early signs are good but I will keep going. One more question for this system, in a controlling tactic what is necessary to have a fast striker moving in to space both coming short to receive the ball but also able to get beyond the defence. What would the player role need to be for starters?
  3. Well that is one way to look at it, but I would argue that the set up with 1 up front doesn't not suit the team. The squad doesn't have a great deal of wide players so moving Suarez out there to get on the ball and attack seemed like a good idea to me, is this a large reason why I am not creating chances or is there other bigger reasons?
  4. I am playing with Liverpool and I am struggling a lot with creating chances and generally poor performances from what have always been regular performers like Glen Johnson, Agger and Luis Suarez. I am coming to the end of the first season and it is going very slowly, I am keeping in touch with the top four but it doesn't look like I will get in there at the moment unless things get going again. The thing I struggle with most of all is recognising where the tactic is going wrong. I started the season playing a 4231 with Sturridge up front as an Advanced Forward trying to push the opposition back with Suarez on the left as an inside forward and Coutinho as a playmaker in the AMC slot. The right hand side varied a fair bit with Aspas, Moses or Sterling taking up an Inside Forward position. I had good initial success with a lot of goals from Sturridge and a few from Suarez. However come Nov-Dec time, the goals dried up and I have continually been tweaking my tactic (which probably doesn't help) to 4411 or 532. I have also been messing around with team instructions constantly and cannot decide what is best to do in the situation. This is my 'preferred' tactic, though I have tweaked loads of things and recently pulled it back to this. My problems, it seems to be that the striker doesn't get involved in the game that much. The alternative is to drop Sturridge and play Suarez up there on his own. The problem I have then is he also gets alienated which I try to fix by changing him to a complete forward (support or attack) or a false 9 which gets him in the game but not scoring. However other problems occur which cause poor performances from pretty much everywhere in the team, however I cannot recognise where I am going wrong! Teams are also finding it very easy to stop me from creating chances, I regularly dominate possession but can't break through with teams defending a small space and tackling well. Any help and advice will be listened to! I have a decent squad but I have always struggled picking tactics and getting them to work in the last couple of FM games, I have been a lurker for a long time and now I have a few days holiday, I figured its a good time to get involved in the forum which has given me a lot of help indirectly for a long time. Thanks!
  5. Need help with training

    Ok, so for my maturer players, leave them in a general schedual, but the younger ones, for attack players with some low stats, put them on a more attacking training schedual and link it to a preffered move change?
  6. Hey, i just finished my 1st season as Liverpool manager, and i want to set up some good training systems to improve my players in the areas where they are weakest, i really dont know anythin about training and would love any tips that anyone has got. Thanks