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  1. Yea I would usually negotiate, but £104 million tells me they won’t go lower than around 40 mill, so I didn’t waste my time. A similar Brazilian full back cost me half the price. Will check out South Africa though!
  2. Hi all, Just wondering how people build sides that don't consist of 80-90% Brazil/Argentina regens? I'm playing as Eintracht Frankfurt, so my budget isn't huge, and can't afford any of the German/English/French/Spanish regens as their clubs always ask for ludicrous amounts, so i go to Brazil and find better players for half the cost due to minimum release fees. It's not a major issue as such, it just doesn't feel overly realistic to have such a set up. Does anyone have any tricks to signing young players from Europe? United quoted me £104 million for a left back that hadnt played a senior game!
  3. I've gone with the striker on attack duty as suggested by you and @Starsurfer seems to work so far. With the IWB - if this doesnt pay off, would a FB (s) be the best alternative?
  4. First game after making the changes above. Good news is we absolutely battered Hannover. Annoying their 1 shot resulted in a goal though. The y are bottom of the league so not getting carried away but much better play all round, some really good combinations
  5. This is really helpful, as above i have made some changes which hopefully helps with the in possession tips you have given. Transition: i set "distribute to full backs" as i want to keep passing short rather than lump it downfield but didnt feel my CBs are good enough to cope with heavy pressing if they're on the ball (Robinsons passing isnt great). I used to keep "play out of defence" on but found myself switching it off 4 out of 5 games as my possession numbers were high but with no real intent, or i was being closed down too much and got nervous! Out of possession: will look at increasing pressing intensity and see how i get on Player roles: I've tweaked the LB and RBs above, hopefully makes more sense? Could ask the LB to stay wider in both options as i'm concerned about the width on this side. Think you're right on Gauthier, i'll either change to a Winger or find someone else, and train him as a AML so i can use him on the other side. He was supposed to replace my star winger than i sold for a record fee, but just hasnt worked out
  6. Thanks all for the feedback - if i change to the below does this help (i'd remove both overlap instructions if i go with this)? Option 1: DLF (S) IF (S) W (A) CM (A) DLP (S) DM (D) WB (S) CD CD FB (S) Or, if i want to keep a IWB, would the below be an option: Option 2: DLF (S) IF (S) W (A) DLP (S) CM (A) DM (D) WB (A) CD CD IWB (S) My reason for this is the IWB occupies the space the CM leaves when he pushes forward, and the Winger still gives width and space for the CM to move into? Swapping the sides of the DLP and CM also allows me to push the WB (or maybe a FB (A)) on the left side further forward? Keep the overlap on the left for width for option 2? Also, i can change mentality to positive and increase tempo a notch. As above, i'll remove overlap right, but keep the left for width, as my reasoning was the overlap with give an option out wide if the IF dribbles infield? I see you have suggested swapping LB and RB roles, i've tried this as option 2 above but made a couple of other tweaks
  7. Hi! Need some help with 4123 formation, I'd like to play possession with intent based football, and have been through all the threads on this kind of tactic so created the below based on what i've read. It's worked ok, getting promoted and my first season in Bundlesliga had me finish 9th but i was extremely lucky, with lowest number of chances created in the league and too many 1-0 wins. This season i'm doing worse, 3 wins in 13. Below is my tactic, any pointers? I'm 8th in the league in possession % but not winning games, having shots, or anything close to inspiring football. Uploaded my players too in case the personnel just aren't up to what i'm trying to do. Thanks in advance!
  8. haha this is brilliant I hope none of you have stormed out of your own toilet press conference half way through...
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