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  1. Where did you buy your game from? I returned my copy this morning to Zavvi and got a FULL refund!! Mitch
  2. I finally got the game going late last night. However, it crashed every 5 mins. So i thought why not install the patch!! But i didn't install steam, so tried to do through the internet, which i gave up on, because the process was so damm long. I have completely given up on this game. As of 9.30am this morning 15/11/08 i NO LONGER own a copy of Football Manager 2009. I took the bloodly thing back to Zavvi and got a FULL REFUND!!!! And i urge you to do the same thing!!!
  3. SoftAnchor

    Exact same problems as everyone else, the bloodly game will not activate. Total farce, PLEASE SI tell us what is going on????? Im gonna try to activate it in a few hours, if it still does't work, im taking it back to the shop to get a refund. If they won't refund me i am gonna contact the office of fair trading/ trading standards to report this. I have spent 5 HOURS!! trying to get this game to work. DISGRACE!!!