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  1. Is reputation a big part of this then? I recently changed to a regen HOYD with JPA and JPP both 19/20 and working with youngster 20. His style of play is similar to my team but obviously his reputation is low? will this make my youth prospects suffer?
  2. Quick update on my network save, only got 3 more games played (it could be a long game) but was a little better with the new system. an ok 0-0 draw vs Spurs had the better possession and chances but couldn't score:( then a 2-1 win away to Watford and a 3-0 win home to Bournemouth. Greenwood played all 3 up front with 0 goals which is a bit of a worry as at the moment I have Martial and igahlo both out injured (martial for 3 months) and now fernandes out for 3 weeks too, so goals need to come from somewhere! Rashford my only hope?
  3. Yeah I think when I have been playing through middle it hjas been with a 4-2-3-1 with IF's or IW's so may have to scrapo that for the 1st year on this one. Cheers for the help, I have an hour or so set with them at the weekend will let you know how I get on!
  4. Havent really had much of a chance to look at ti's yet but usually like to play out from the back play through middle with a slightly higher line and slightly higher tempo. then closing down when wiothout the ball. my single player save where I have had more time once I got top 4 in 1st season was really able to make the better buys and push on. this is a slow game as others in network haven't got much time to play so all about doing best I can this year and hope we are still playing for next season Any advice for a striker, find martial a bit hit and miss
  5. Cheers, my 1st match with no preparation was away to everton and I had a 4231 pressing system but really struggled and lost 3-0 so think a 433 will probably be tried next, looking to have Neves as the CDM with Pogba and Fernandes infront? what roles would you give them a BBM and DLP? RW is def on my list prob Chiesa if I can get him
  6. Hi Guys, after a bit of advice/help here. I have joined a network game with a couple of mates from work, but I joined the game late and only had 1 day of the transfer window. The club had already sold matic and purchased no one. I have shaw out for 3 months and martial out for 2 months. Only player I could get in the one day was Ruben Neves. So with this in mind can I get a recommendation for formation to suit? in my other save I have progressed the team to be able to play the full gengapress style game but don't think this squad can do it from the straight off without a few signings! I know this is kind of going back to the start agaion for everyone but would be good for any advice
  7. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to get better youth intakes? or is it just luck? in 4 years I have only got 2 players that have the possibility of being 4* the rest are less than 3* at best most not worth having anywhere near the club? Got the best youth facilities I can get so am I missing something else?
  8. Never posted on here, I'm a bit of a lurker as I think its called but thought I would give it a go. Ive played FM/CM for a long time now but over the last few years ive really struggled. This year I finally worked out why, as a Utd fan I have been used to not buying any ready made players and just searching for youth and regens whilst allowing my current squad to start the winning! This year I started with a few 'bigger' signings whilst getting rid of a lot of the squad. I am now 30 games into season 4. My 1st season I finished 3rd and won the carabao cup signing Varane, Fernandes and haaland as my main signings. My 2nd season I finished 2nd and won the Carabao cup signing Sancho Chiesa and Luis as my main signings My 3rd season I won the league by 1 point on the last day as Man city lost to spurs phew! Main signing were Dias and Fabio silva. Im now 8 points clear with 8 games to go in the league so looking good, currently against PSG in the Champs league and got a decent away draw 1-1. Im probably pretty set with my team now and may not sign anyone in the summer. Although I do have a deal to bring Ronaldo (39) to the club as an 'impact sub'! I couldn't resist. Here is who my best XI prob is (backs ups in brackets) De Gea (Henderson) Dest (wan Bissaka) - Dias (maguire) - Ougenue (Varane) - Shaw (Williams) Luis (Johnson-regen) - Pogba (Savic) Greenwood (Cheisa) - Fernandes (Bellingham) - Sancho (Rashford) Haaland (Silva) Not very good at screen shots etc but hopefully you get the gist Let me know any thoughts
  9. that's not a bad deal I have stuck with Mata after i offered him to other clubs he begged to stay and fight so given him a chance. just before transfer window closes he breaks his ankle and is out for 3 months! lol I am hopeful Martial/Miki/Lingard will be strong in the inside forwards positions so no need to upgrade them in 1st season
  10. After starting again, my computer is now incredibly slow however I am happier with the game in general and my preseason went much more to plan. I have bought Manolas in defence which I think will really help increase the ability at the back, and Fabregas is transfer listed so now finalising a purchase of him for £12m plus other monies if he plays over 20 international matches and 50 games for us. I have sold fellani, and had wanted to sell Rojo but he went down injured in preseason and is out for 3 months so no chance of selling. Only just begun but beat leiceter in shield dispite being with out 5 players I would like in my starting XI. Then beat southahmpton at home with a very comfy 2-0 win still with many little injuries. I did lose my 1st away game spurs 1-0 but that was from a free kick and we still played pretty decent so cant complain too much. Hopefully Pogba will be back to play 1st game of season and I can get Fabregas along side him in midfield and this time actually challenge in the 1st year
  11. on my 1st save (not a good time) I purchased Lacazette but while he did ok I just couldn't give him enough time up front along with Zlatan and rashford in order to keep his match fitness up. because of this he really never got going good player though. I would say be as careful as possible with balancing youth, I got over excited by TFM in my 1st save and played him as CM in most matches and I think that added to my problems. Is there a central midfielder anyone can recommend to partner Pogba or play in DM position instead of schnielderlin?
  12. couple further questions as well, this time I have added a few more coaches and got rid a couple too to increase training. but what about assistant manager is it worth getting a new one and if so who? Also with this formation could I do with another quality central midfielder? any options? or is there any other areas which would be more important to purchase?
  13. I was using that basic formation but with a B2B mid and an AP in the middle and less team instructions also think I was using standard and no individual instructions? It may be that I was a bit all over the place at the start of the year and lost confidence?
  14. I would like some more details please, that seems quite an attacking set up? does this still work away from home? that's where I have had most problems?
  15. Ok so I am need of desperate help I am pretty sure I am going to get the sack in the 1st season. currently 7th 5 points off top 4 and had the board want to discuss situation! I said I would improve and give me time they said will come back in a month. 1st 2 results since then a 1-0 defeat to Swansea (at home) and a 1-1 draw away to A.Bilbao meaning I'm knocked out of Euro cup on away goals So assuming I am sacked (v likely) can someone help me with a good set of tactics and team instructions for Utd 1st season? my biggest problem has been away from home where I just cannot get any kind of results!
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