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  1. This has worked for me, thank you. No lag at all now having been suffering with it since launch over 6 months ago.
  2. In addition I set many competitions to show results on evenings of a matchday. It works fine but never shows me the Finals of competitions. So for example setting the Champions League to show me results on evenings of matchdays works fine but for the final it never shows...every competition I set does the same. Should be easy to replicate.
  3. It's a bug. Double click on your manager pic in your profile. It brings up edit manager. Move the slider up and then back to your preferred skin colour. It resets back to normal.
  4. Makes no difference to me neither. Something is wrong with the game. I can play FIFA/Madden etc with decent settings yet it can't handle FM 3d engine.
  5. So, for those that remember Foggia were a force in Serie A in the early-mid 90s under Zdenek Zeman with the likes of Guisseppe Signori. For three seasons they flirted with UEFA Cup qualification but fell just short. Under the unique style of Czech coach Zdenek Zeman Foggia were exciting to watch with their 'Zemanlandia 433' tactic which saw high scoring games regulary. Zeman left for Lazio and soon after Foggia were relegated to Serie B (and have yet to return). After many years flirting between Serie C and Serie B 2016/17 saw Foggia finally gain promotion from Serie C along with a Serie
  6. Not sure this is a bug so I've put it in here... I set up screenflow for various competitions such as Champions League etc. It's set to display fixtures/results on a matchday so I can keep track of competitions. It works fine but for some reason it doesn't work when Finals are played. This applies to all competitions I follow and select in screenflow. What am I doing wrong?
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