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  1. Could we have a challenge created for a European Superleague for Touch? I played a version in FM2017 which I really enjoyed but the game play takes too long verses touch but gets away from the game being too easy after a few seasons as you’re constantly having to test against the best. As no editor guessing its not possible in touch? but could 1 be created as one of the defaults. Thank you
  2. Is there likely to be a new beta or are we just waiting now for release on Friday?
  3. I think I speak for most of us when I say all we want is to be able to have an Editor file attached into FMT. Happy to not have ingame editing etc so all the people who buy the add ons are protected, but the use cases for most of us with editor files (opening unplayable leagues or a european superleague etc) would make it so much easier. I tried for FM17 moving from touch to main to do a euroleague as I find the individual leagues get quite boring after a while, and whilst I really enjoy the save the speed of it is just too slow for the amount of time I have. Personally I'd happi
  4. The covering defenders was to allow the team to drop off a bit, when played with CD (D) conceded a lot more goals. Will try a different DLP function. The wing backs are to provide support to the attacks with crosses but primarily provide a shield. Not sure if I'm trying to do too much with all things in the tactic. I ideally would like a pressing dominant game with a dynamic front 3 scoring the goals like liverpool last season. Played CM since 93/94 version but struggling with this match engine for some reason, which is actually great as I think it's much more of a challenge than usual.
  5. Llama, thanks for your thoughts. I'm not expecting them to score the goals, although they have a couple, I'm looking for the goals to come from the attacking 3. Just wondered how the set up looked, the idea is 2 box to box players like henderson and James McCarthy to dominate the midfield area, both are capable attacking players and defensive players with good passing and vision and workrate.
  6. Playing with Liverpool and I'm trying to make a tactic work with 2 B2B midfielders, anyone had any success with this? GK (D) CD © CD © WBR (S) DLP (S) WBR (S) B2B (S) B2B (S) SS (A) CF (S) AF (A) Attacking - Very Rigid Centre backs are both set to hold position which seems to work quite well. B2B midfielders have risker passes on and run wide with ball to give width to the formation. Seem to have an issue scoring goals. Is fludity right for this formation type?
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