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  1. Would that then continue on though? Newgens, transfers etc
  2. Could we have a challenge created for a European Superleague for Touch? I played a version in FM2017 which I really enjoyed but the game play takes too long verses touch but gets away from the game being too easy after a few seasons as you’re constantly having to test against the best. As no editor guessing its not possible in touch? but could 1 be created as one of the defaults. Thank you
  3. Is there likely to be a new beta or are we just waiting now for release on Friday?
  4. I think I speak for most of us when I say all we want is to be able to have an Editor file attached into FMT. Happy to not have ingame editing etc so all the people who buy the add ons are protected, but the use cases for most of us with editor files (opening unplayable leagues or a european superleague etc) would make it so much easier. I tried for FM17 moving from touch to main to do a euroleague as I find the individual leagues get quite boring after a while, and whilst I really enjoy the save the speed of it is just too slow for the amount of time I have. Personally I'd happily pay more for an editable version of FMT. It's the game I've loved since the first edition of CM, in a timeframe I can play. Please just let me edit it. Even if it costs double.
  5. Does this - or can this - work with FMT?
  6. Just wanted to have a discussion around the importance of certain attributes for a box to box cm I play a true 3-4-3 (2 F9 with CFS) with 3 strikers and 2 b2b central midfielders and 2 wide mid att. It's been a very successful tactic in fm2015 and I have been able to go seasons unbeaten in Spain and Italy. The reason I'm asking is that typically I've looked for players in the Pogba model who can be good althletically including pace and acceleration, heading, tacking, passing and drinking / finishing with good mental stats and work rate. However with injuries etc this season I've needed to play more typically attacking players who id usually use on the wing so have higher technical stats but lower on tackling etc but results haven't been affected so wondered your thoughts on how important the defensive stats really are for a cm
  7. Hi all Looking for a working proper European or world league which is structured correctly and playable over the long term. Can anyone recommend one as there are lots of half efforts but can't find a fully done working one. Thanks
  8. Is there an option for an instant result in the full fat version this year? Played FMC the last few years as less time but wanted to ask? Alternatively, is FFP in FMC this year?
  9. Thanks - is that the same for Fantasy Draft as well? I was hoping the draft would be something NFL style with the available players from a selected group of players moved into a new league
  10. Can someone give an overview of how the fantasy draft / create a club work in the game, some questions I have: - Is it available in FMC/FMT mode? or just Full - How does the fantasy draft work - all players in the world / selected teams into a custom league then those players drafted etc? - Create a club - do you just edit an exisiting club? Negotiate transfers fees or fixed? Interested in these modes but wanted to get an idea how the work before deciding if I want to do FM16 or continue on my existing save for a while. Thanks
  11. Hi all, Wondered is it possible to create a european or world league within FMC, I know we don't have the editor but can it be done through the use of a designed challenge? Haven't looked into the challenges much but just wondered as I prefer the streamlined game but wanted more of a challenge as after a few years I have to move leagues but would prefer to have Juventus, Bayern and PSG for example without them being the only competition.
  12. I'm English. So definitely not that, and Zinidene Zindane has been england manager and they picked foreign over me Just confused really as obviously my reputation is good enough I got offered the Man U job before they gave it to Mourinho but then they give it to Sam Allardyce or Ronny Delia. Same for any of the national teams having run an alternative save to see whats happening.
  13. I'm doing a career thread and have managed a number of clubs in the past 4 years, winning 7 trophies including the uefa cup a couple of times, a few promotions etc. I've only been taking over clubs with a few months of the season to go as an experiment to not buy players have to shape the season. My question however is around international management, I applied for the vacant england manager job which is now just before the 2018 world cup, and I was 'laughed off' with the approach with them appointing Ronny Delia (of Celtic fame). Running on a week I've been offered jobs at Man City, Man Utd and Bayern without even applying. Currently managing at Valencia. So I've tried faking a number of international roles in a duplicate save and I can't get any of them but I can get any club job in the world who are all flattered to be linked. I've lost to Sam Allardyce for england as well. Just wondered if this was a known thing, if theres something I'm doing wrong? Just seems odd for Bayern to be flattered with England 'et al' to laugh it off
  14. Yes from watching the AP v RPM that was what made the think the RPM would provide better defensive cover. I know it's agressive, I naturally want an open attacking game plan with the team scoring lots of goals - which is working fine, I just want see how I can make us better at defending, not change to a defensive team!
  15. hi all, I'm trying to perfect a 3-5-2, I'm into the 2nd season with Liverpool, last season went well with winning the CL, but finishing 2nd in the league. Strikers and Wingers performed excellently, but conceded too many goals and the CM's didn't give me enough Goals/Assists. I've bought heavily to strengthen the team with 3 key purchases - Pogba, Vidal and Varane. So I'm looking at using the following GK CD D - BPD D - CD D WMA - RPM S - DLP D - AP S - WM A F9 S - CF S I used a DLP S - CM A - DLP D axis last season which allowed for good attacking play but we did concede a lot of goals so not sure it was giving the solidarity I needed. I've considered a RPM S instead of the AP S to give more cover on that side, it will be Coutinho playing it with Pogba the other side of the 3 and then Vidal in the central DLP role. Defensively, it's Sakho - Varane - Balenta TI's - Play out of Defence, Much Higher Defensive Line (changed from higher) - Use offside trap (new), Prevent short GK distribution, close down more, Higher tempo With Counter and Very Fluid. Thoughts welcome. I'm happy with a I'll score more than you approach but would like some more rigidity.
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