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  1. I will experiment with that idea. I’ve found the HB a bit limiting previously as he is always dropping between the centre halves and I’ve felt that is a waste offensively. I’ve come round to the idea of wanting only 2 left behind with a bit of cover. I swapped your setup around and this works pretty well. My main issue is that my AM(c) doesn’t seem to stay that wide despite an instruction to do so.
  2. Like this but it doesn’t make sense to me for the IFB and the DLP to be next to each other, don’t they just stand on top of each other? I’d swap the DLP to the other side.
  3. Here is an example of the build up working well I feel. My midfield pivot was marked so the cm/d played it into the Trequartista and he has plenty of passing options out wide.
  4. I think I’ve got this working nicely now, I’ve circled the cm/d. I had to push my wingbacks up otherwise my transitions seemed to leave them behind a bit. I’ve ask got a version where I swap out the right side inverted winger for a raumdeuter. I have my ball playing centre half pushing wide and the other centre half holding his position. The cm\d pushes wide too to make my 3. Both my strikers push wide... I tried to model that on the Galtier approach
  5. This is a great thread, I’ve tried a few versions with differing results. - I find with the inverted fb, he tends to sit in front of the closest centre back, ie taking up a dm role, but not shifted to the right/left over the cb. This does fit broadly with one version of how Lille play, albeit you can’t easily switch during the match as you need to set the winger on the same side to be an authentic winger. - hb works but then you get quick a flat back 3, ie he does slip into the middle of the cbs. But then it’s quite hard to keep the other centre mid as central option. Cm/d works well if he stays wide, with the closest cb on cover holding his position and the furthest cb staying wide. I feel like this doesn’t quite integrate as well as the inverted fb version and it creates a similar problem of how to keep the other cm as a pivot.
  6. The bugs are horrific, it’s hard to see how this could have been tested. COVID or no COVID, it’s unfair to put this product out like this imho.
  7. iPad Pro 2019. If you click on a players name nothing happens. You now have to hold click and then click on the menu that appears.
  8. Same. Plus you can't click once to see a player's profile
  9. Same here. You can't force any of your centre halves to stay wide. Or change the pressing for individuals, I suspect it is a similar issue
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