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  1. 28 and started back in 2000/01 CM That and 01/02 versions were the time I played it relentlessly, probably in the hundreds of hours. Still play it when I can but time is severely limited now so pine for the days when i could wake up on a sat morn and play throught to the middle of the night
  2. Any reason why none of the national teams are populated at the start? Always find that the easiest way to research players
  3. As stated above, looking at maybe getting this http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/Samsung_530U3C_1217859.html However, heard mixed reviews on it's perfomance and undecided whether to take the plunge Can anyone find another 13'3 with better specs for £750 or under? Cheers
  4. Was thinking about this Samsung as well as I'm looking for a 13'3 ultra book that will also be mu main FM source. Looking into the processor, I5 - 3317U, it ranks 100th in the benchmarks here http://www.notebookcheck.net/Mobile-Processors-Benchmarklist.2436.0.html Also read some reviews which said it was a bit hit and miss - seems like a lot of the 13'3 have this processor around the 600 quid mark. Is this the best processor I can expect for this amount of money (purely on a ultra book). Hoping to run around 30 leagues, just wonder if I should spend a bit more and try and get a better proce
  5. Can anyone confirm if FM runs on a 13'3 / 12'5 / 11'5 screens? Considering getting a high end netbook now so would be useful to know...
  6. Would http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/Lenovo_IdeaPad_Z380_1258642.html have a similar level of performance versus http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/Acer_Aspire_5755G_1152339.html ? I like having a lot of leagues, but thinking of getting a smaller screen due to travel etc
  7. Would I need to upgrade the Graphics Card for that Acer model to get nice 3d matches? Like the look of the deal, read the reviews and all seems good. Under £500 seems a steal
  8. Cheers, will look into the above Just like to get a general feel on what specs to have in a laptop so I can compare Will be just FM and internet so doesn't need to be a super computer
  9. Might jump on this thread as well, saving creating a new one Interested in getting a new laptop for FM13, haven't played since FM11 and my laptop is 4 years old now. Budget can go up to £800-900 if need be, looking for a laptop I can really have some fun with FM13. Like to have loads of leagues (talking about 30 odd) and a large database as I love searching the random leagues. Looking for a decent speed as well as I work a lot so can't do loads of hours on it. Realise 4-6GB of Ram is enough and that some 3rd gen Intel 5 processors could be more optimal than 1st gen 7's. Would I need a dece
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