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  1. Hey Dave, do you know if it is possible to change transfer preferences between 2 leagues of the same country? The reason I'm asking is because I noticed when a lower league team gets a newgen with high potential ability the best teams in the country end up buying him really fast (like in a few months tops). This means it's pretty much impossible to have newgens similar to Jamie Vardy and Charlie Austin. We never have newgens with high PA playing in the lower leagues for a couple seasons before joining a bigger team. So if this is possible we could try something like lowering the frequency of transfers between say premier league and national south/north leagues, to test and see if it takes longer for the top teams to buy high PA newgens from the lower leagues teams.
  2. I ran some tests to check how many newgens are being created with a second nationality. For the first test I loaded every league from the following countries: England, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Brazil. Everything as playable, small database. I chose the earliest possible start date for England, June 24th 2019. There are a few thousand newgens generated right at the beginning of the game, even though I didn't use the "Add players to playable teams" option. This is normal, it also happened in FM 2019. I just ignored those newgens and focused my test on newgens which are actually generated from club's youth academies as the game progress. The game was simulated until December 31st 2020. I then took a look at all newgens which were created from the first day of the year until that date. I ignored newgens created before, so I could have exactly 1 year worth of data. Number of Newgens generated: 11974 Number of Newgens which had dual nationality: 1000 (8.35%) I simulated another year and got this: Number of Newgens generated: 6298 Number of Newgens which had dual nationality: 525 (8.33%) The reduced number of total newgens generated is normal. It works like that so we don't end up with a insanely huge database. The game tries to stay within range of the total number of players you had when you started the save. As you can see, the dual nationality % is quite similar. Now I needed to find out how many real players (meaning: newgens are excluded) had dual nationality. I went back to the beginning of the save and got those numbers: Number of real players: 50994 Number of real players with dual nationality: 9939 (19.49%) Keep in mind, as Andrew said above, that % could be even higher seeing how we don't have info on every single players possible dual nationality in real life. On the other hand, some of those dual nationalities were acquired by playing/living in the same country for a while. Even so, you can see there is a big difference between real players and newgens dual nationality % numbers. I decided to check if a different game setup would provide similar results. I had another save where the following countries were loaded (every league as playable): England, Italy, Portugal, Wales, Brazil. Number of real players: 32595 Number of real players with dual nationality: 4819 (14.78%) First year: Newgens generated: 7244 Newgens which had dual nationality: 280 (3.86%) Second year: Newgens generated: 4007 Newgens which had dual nationality: 238 (5.93%) Third year: Newgens generated: 3258 Newgens which had dual nationality: 148 (4.54%) As you can see, the % changes depending on which nations you have loaded as playable, but it's always lower than expected. If I have some free time in the future I will try to simulate a few individual nations (e.g. 1 save for england, 1 for spain, 1 for germany, etc...) So, to finish my tests I decided to boot up FM19 and compare the numbers. I created a game with the exactly same setup as my first test. Those were the results: Number of real players: 50510 (FM20: 50994) Number of real players with dual nationality: 9505 - 18.81% (FM20: 9939 - 19.49%) First year: Number of Newgens generated: 11649 (FM20: 11974) Number of Newgens which had dual nationality: 2320 - 19.91% (FM20: 1000 - 8.35%) Second year: Number of Newgens generated: 5617 (FM20: 6298) Number of Newgens which had dual nationality: 1183 - 21.06% (FM20: 525 - 8.33%) As you can see, FM19 had more than double total newgens with dual nationality when compared with FM20. And, as a new feature advertised by Miles, FM20 was supposed to have a higher number than FM19. Something is definitely broken, and as Andrew said above, SI is aware and investigating. Real world simulation is important to me, so I will wait for a fix before starting a proper save. I hope this post was helpful.
  3. Thank you so much for the skin, mate. It looks amazing.
  4. Hey @pikawa94, I have a suggestion if you don't mind. I'm a huge statistics nerd, and I feel like FM leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to keeping/showing records, things like player's total apps/goals for each competition, etc. Thanks to @bossland's YACS skin I found out I could at least have a player's all time career apps/goals show up on their profile. So, for FM19 I decided to edit a skin for my personal use and ended up with a frankenstein of a skin due to my lack of knowledge in skin making , but it worked for me. I used code from your EVO skin along with @bossland's YACS, @bluestillidie00's TCS and OPZ skins. Huge thanks to all of you. Anyway, my suggestion for FM20 EVO is this: I would love if you could add a player's total apps/goals somewhere on their profile. My frankenstein edit in FM19 ended up looking like this: As you can see there are some bugs in there due to my lack of skills in skin making. I just ended up copying/pasting code from those skins I listed above. I'm posting this suggestion (all time apps/goals on player profile) on the topics of my favorites skins for FM20. I already posted on YACS topic, and I'm "stalking" () a few other great skin makers like @bluestillidie00, @wkdsoul to see if they decide to release skins for FM20 so I can make this suggestion for them as well. I really wish all time apps/goals showed by default on the base skin, hopefully SI change it for future versions of FM (one can dream). Thanks.
  5. Hey @bossland, your skin probably already have this, but I'm mentioning it just in case: One of my favorite features of 2019 YACS was the option to show a player's total career Apps/Goals (overall, not league only) on their profile. I would love if that option came back for 2020 version. Thanks, mate.
  6. Hi pikawa, would it be possible to add players/manager country flag to the key employees panel? Something like this:
  7. My favorite formation on fm17 was 3421, would love to see that on fm18. I like tactics which use goalscoring AMCs, 1 striker upfront and use wingbacks to provide width. I retrain good AMR/L players to play as AMC (if they can finish) or wingbacks (if they can't). I haven't started a proper save on fm18, but from the little I've seen I'm also enjoying the 4321 (2 AMC 1 ST).
  8. Tom, I can't find the button which allows me to offer one of my players for exchange when making a transfer bid. Could you check to see if it's there? Thanks, mate.
  9. You can find it under "More Actions..." button on the top right.
  10. It's working fine for me also. The only problem I had so far has already been mentioned. I'm having a bit of "lag/delay" when clicking on something. E.g. when I click on a player name to see his profile, the game takes a 1-2 seconds to show it.
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