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  1. Hi pikawa, would it be possible to add players/manager country flag to the key employees panel? Something like this:
  2. My favorite formation on fm17 was 3421, would love to see that on fm18. I like tactics which use goalscoring AMCs, 1 striker upfront and use wingbacks to provide width. I retrain good AMR/L players to play as AMC (if they can finish) or wingbacks (if they can't). I haven't started a proper save on fm18, but from the little I've seen I'm also enjoying the 4321 (2 AMC 1 ST).
  3. Tom, I can't find the button which allows me to offer one of my players for exchange when making a transfer bid. Could you check to see if it's there? Thanks, mate.
  4. You can find it under "More Actions..." button on the top right.
  5. It's working fine for me also. The only problem I had so far has already been mentioned. I'm having a bit of "lag/delay" when clicking on something. E.g. when I click on a player name to see his profile, the game takes a 1-2 seconds to show it.
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