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  1. Facebook sync?

    Sign up to twitter and link twitter updates to Facebook. Done.
  2. Your First Signing?

    I am Southampton and first signing was: Anderson Silva on a Free.. First paid signing was Paul Smith (from Nott Forest) - 140K.
  3. Thanks SI

    I want to echo the praise given so far. The game is incredible.
  4. The game runs perfectly on OS X Snow Leopard, and I presume it will be equally as good on windows 7.
  5. If I remember correctly, and I am not sure, but I think SI design FM for mac then port it to Windows. As, opposed to the normal way games companies do it. Again, I might be wrong, but I remember hearing that fact around these forums!
  6. What do you do while playing

    I generally browse the net (e.g. facebook), chat, and sometimes I even try to learn some Chinese. I can't watch T.V. and play, I find it too distracting, and I never understand the movie/tv show!
  7. I just spent 80mil on Sakho. I am in 2016 - whilst he is ageing, he is awesome, so well worth the money. Prior to that it was 60mil on Pato.
  8. Pressing continue skips too far forward

    When you have pressed continue, if the game is processing the match results you can 'Browse'. I'm not sure if that is helpful, but worth mentioning.
  9. Tips..

    Tip - scouting, scouting, and more scouting. And, when you have finished that, training & tactics. I believe there is a very good tactical guide in the 'Training & Tactics forum'!
  10. Bojan - 4.3m, 3rd season!
  11. Do you Play FM at Work?

    I play FM most days. My job is in an office in a school, I must teach for 10 hours a week, the rest is office time - so as you can imagine, I get a lot of free time! My employer does not care, they see me playing FM, learning Chinese, watching DVD's, reading, going on facebook, etc etc.. no problem!
  12. Size of FM on windowed mode (MAC)

    What OS are you running? Leopard?
  13. Size of FM on windowed mode (MAC)

    I have not experienced this problem. It works perfectly fine on my mac - both width and height can be adjusted!
  14. Kits and logos

    I was being lazy. I do not think SI will get kits and logos, to be honest, probably a waste of money considering many fans get them from alternative sources nowadays. Personally, I do not feel that it affects my game in anyway, with, or without them.
  15. Kits and logos

    Hey Beckford, do you have nothing better to do with your time?