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  1. if you google, you can find Ayrton Senna with corinthians t-shirt under his overalls you can try a save with chapecoense, you know.. the tragedy 3 years ago if you look for something easy,you can choose between flamengo and palmeiras
  2. thanks @Seb Wassell for closing my thread, we're not able to post in the thread which you've provided a link also. I thought this was a place to share opinions and give feedback, what's the point in closing threads as you guys wish?
  3. So, if I have a potential winger or wingback who has poor crossing attribute, I can not train him to improve that? I did not understand the reason for being unrealistic.. you can improve passing and shooting, but cannot improve crossing
  4. http://i.imgur.com/YZWdfod.jpg It could be just an unlucky day for my players, but seriously? definitely, it was not just that, this is commonly happening almost every match.. I give up 4 ccc, 1 gol x 1 ccc, 3 goals.. pff
  5. I would like to set up my tactics using the match engine. For each instruction, you could see your players acting accordingly to each instructions. This would be helpful for us to understand what we are really trying to do. Would be interesting too if we could watch a kind of animation on the match engine while we are assigning the players instructions. Each player role in combination with player duties would show a short animation.
  6. I would like to be shown the fans reaction of each team during the matches. If they are booing the team/player/referee, singing, if they look calm or anxious. Actually the crowd reaction is practically inexistent.
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