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  1. Hi Robert, this has occured just once (this time) but I am affraid I do not have save games before the problem appears... I do have the savegame where this problem ocurred
  2. I do not have the save before the player became unhappy, is it still useful the actual savegame with player unhappiness already there?
  3. Was this solved?? I have the same problem when I try to make a custom view, I do not have much options of columns to insert, This is a specific issue of FM touch because I was able to do it in FM
  4. When I was about to face a final I was the clear favourite team for winning, but the news text says the opposite
  5. When I received the training report of my B team, there are no players allocated in happines status with training (all buckets appear with 0) and it specifies the formations that are being trained with a detail of familiarity... I might be wrong here, but I thought familiarity is a concept that does not forms part of FM touch
  6. I have Benzema in Real Madrid with a Slight concern because he wants first team football.... but he has play ALL the games.
  7. Hi... I believe this event in FM touch should be regulated because it becomes VERY annoying to see the same news game after game of another team player encouraging my player to leave the team.
  8. Just finished the game with minor changes made to the tactic, following what you suggest me: As you can see I only set the defensive line to slightly deeper, and changed the team mentality to Counter. Expecting that with this my team will drop deeper leaving the needed space to counterattack The match statistics are: I lost the game 3-2, nevermind the result but lets focus on statistics: I believe the tactic stills need something changed... yeah I have more on target shots but the ratio with the total shots made is around 33%; I read that a well balanced tactic never has to have less than 50% in this ratio The shots I made are: And my positional heatmap is: One more thing, I instructed my WM to "go further forward" and to "cut inside with the ball" When I see the match, my ST seems to have real problemas connecting with the WM... should I change the F9 role to another one ?? Which role is better suit to encourage connections with my WM?
  9. Thanks OllyAI The reason behind all of them having support duties is I read Cleon's "The art of counter attacking": "I don’t believe it matters as much if you are going for a different style or approach but for counter and defensive systems then attack duties should be limited. On a counter system I find it best to never go beyond two attack duties, any more and I feel you lose the balance of the side. Remember that the mentality structure you use sets the team’s baseline as a whole. I think this is where some people (and rightly so) get confused because they then think an attacking duty isn’t aggressive in their approach. That would be a wrong assumption, it’s still an aggressive role it’s just less aggressive than in an attacking mentality structure and so on. As the attack duty will further alter the default base line and make them positioned more advanced because it alters the individual mentality structure of the player and other settings." Im about to use the same tactic but droping my defense deeper and chaging the mentality to Counter... besides I am instructing my WM to go further forward. Ill post what happens. Thanks!
  10. thanks for your response vasilli07, I did slight changes during the game to my Wide Midfielders, this changer where: When team has the ball... - Get further forward - sit narrower -Cut inside with the ball This changer where made at half time, but nothing changed. This leads me to another question: A wide midfielder with support duty looks like this in game: A wide midfielder with attack duty looks like these in game: If i choose to play with a WM/Support duty and instruct him to get more risky passes and get further forward..... will this player play exactly as if he has a WM/Attack duty?? Or will there be any difference in behaviour? Thanks!!
  11. Thanks for the response bababooey, so to take your comments in consideration I will do the following: Team instructions: Defensive line: Slightly deeper Team mentality: Counter Do you think this will be enough? Thanks!
  12. Theres obviously something wrong with my tactic, maybe forward isolated?? lack of movement from players?? Or is it just maybe I have 11 stormtroopers taking the shots in my team. What Im looking for is a solid tactic for away games, the tactic I am currently trying is this: And I am trying to keep it simple about Team Instructions: I was playing an away game against Stoke... the game ended 0-0 and this are the match statistics 26 shots..... 1 on target!!!!! What is wrong with my tactic? How do I correct this??? This are the shots my team made: I know most of my shots are from outside the box so it must be... somehow my players find themselves isolated and have no other option but to shoot... but what is specifically wrong in the tactic that is causing this isolation?? I have player orders ingame to the WM to get further forward, play narrower to try to get them close to the F9 but nothing changed Another image of the shots The heatmap of my team: And if this helps you in some analysis, the crosses my team made: I love to solve the problem, but much as this I would really appreciate to walk me through about whats wrong in the tactic... Thank you very much in advanced! Cheers! CL
  13. Im wondering, do you see the games in 2D or 3D?? I dont know if this is an Issue reflected only in 2D, since this is the one I use.
  14. Hi! Is it a problem with my tactic or is an issue with the ME that it seems that FB/WB/W when they are in good position to cross the ball, almost everytime hold the ball until they get closed down by the opossition and end the play either with a blocked cross or loosing it by a tackle. It's really annoying because its just unnatural, I can not imagine Marcelo, Dani Alves, Danilo... holding the ball just because the manager dindt tell him to cross it. Is there something I can do with my tactic? (I already try "Cross from deep" and "Cross more ofteh" and "more risky passes", but this issue just dont go away) Or is it something I just have to live with in this ME? Thanks!
  15. Hello! Im currently playing with Chelsea on my second season and things have been going quite good, won the premier league on 1st season and I am currently on a comfortable lead on my second season. But from time to time, specially when I have away games vs strong teams, my team just seems like amateurs and play games that I can hardly recognise the players that are on the field: I have no control over possesion during the match (Im not a big posession fan, so this is not a big issue), I hardly make any shots during the match, my team is trap under their own half.... it just hurt my eyes to see my team under this games. For the purpose of learning I have been playing over an over again a match against Manchester City in this my second season, trying a lot of different tactics (I have the editor so I get maximum tactical familiarity before the game), trying different roles/duties combinations, different players that are in my current squad, different mentalities and different team instructions..... none of this changes have the slightest impact on the game, I always get completely dominated by Manchester City and lose the game. I dont really care even of the outcome of the game (a loss against manchester city on the Etihad Stadium is a high probability event) but I want to understand if when your team is having this kind of tough games is there something you can do at a tactics level? Or is just the way the game has to go and nothing you do will change the game outcome and not even the level of performance of your team? This is my save game for you to download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b83fc7kbzy7vfa4/Chelsea.fm?dl=0 This is the current standings table: And this have been my last games: What I will really appreciate is that you advice me on how this kind of games should be prepared? (tactics, roles/duties, mentality, Team Instructions, etc.) and understand that when I have this kind of very low level performance is because I failed at something at tactics level or it is just the way it has to be and no decisions will have change the outcome of the game. I want to thank in advance those of you that take time to try this; I know there are a lot of tactics master minds out here Cheers!