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  1. That is good context. I got a bit worried that they wouldn't make a FMT19 on Switch if the FMT18 didn't sell well, but I though, who would buy it that late in the cycle. I guess what you're saying makes sense: to switch a game to another format/console probably takes some work so they do it in the quieter period of their cycle.
  2. Sorry, I meant FMT19 (although I didn't specify). I thought it was unusual that they released FMT18 for switch really late in the year, as I would never buy the game that late in it's cycle (although I only recently bought a Switch anyway - so even less likely).
  3. I was looking to get FMT for 2019 on Switch (my preference) or Android tablet if they don't make a FMT on switch. My computer is a little slow for FM2019 and I don't want to buy a new one just to play this (it's the only game I really play), plus the same reasons as above (not wanting to get too bogged down by the micromanagement of FM2019). Over time, FM just ends up feeling like a full time job and not an enjoyable simulation. Don't get me wrong, I like a challenge, but not to spend ages and ages in between games.
  4. Ahaha, I remember him.. the old f.uckles!! I should've specified, but I actually meant the best name in FM09. But that one still was funny.
  5. It's always worse when the silly named player is the one to knock you out or score a last minute important goal. Just takes the fun out of laughing at their name.
  6. What is funniest player name this year? Hobbit Bermudez is the funniest I've seen so far, but I'm sure it can be beaten.
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