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  1. funny takeovers

    Just got reminded of this thread by the news "Damien Duff has been sacked by Portsmouth chairman Shay Given"
  2. Ipr?

    Same as PR but International PR, so IPR
  3. Comeback King

    Nah, AFC Wimbledon for 7 years, Reading for 4 years and now Uruguay for 3 years (was Reading and Uruguay for bit)
  4. Comeback King

    Just achieved it finally Playing as Uruguay in the 2022 World Cup, was 3-0 down to Croatia (5th in the World Rankings) and down to 10 men at half-time. Came back to win 5-3 Anyone else got a good story for this achievement?
  5. Applying for jobs?

    Nevermind , they just rejected me :o
  6. Applying for jobs?

    I've had problems relating to U21 applications just haning there and neither being accepted or rejected and the position not being filled, but I thought everything was ok with normal club jobs. However, I've applied for the Man City job and its been almost 2 months and still no word from them and the position still hasnt been filled. Surely theres something wrong?
  7. What is YOUR aim in FM?

    I started with AFC Wimbledon to try and take them as far as I could, and then jumped to Reading and got them in the prem, but got a bit bored of them so just managing Uruguay at the minute, I think the goal of my game this time is to try and end up as Man United manager or failing that, just at a good club and actually win something
  8. U21 Manager...

    Yes. There seems to be a problem that they never reject or accept the application and never fill the role though. I started a thread on this a couple of weeks back though and someone said it worked for them.
  9. A few things CM is better at

    Yea it is in the game, had this myself.
  10. Assistant Manager attributes?

    Oddly it never occured to me to do it that way, must be the laziness of 2 extra mouse clicks that this would cause
  11. Assistant Manager attributes?

    Not for your own players.
  12. Assistant Manager attributes?

    I tend to look for one with good tactical knowledge and judging ability so that he can give me a good idea of how good my team is. Then look for motivation/man management/discipline. Dont really care about there coaching abilities
  13. Rooney = All-time goal scorer for England?

    Rooney with 52 on mine. Was Expecting more, only 115 caps too
  14. My goalkeeper must have been trying to out do yours, he once stood watching the ball bounce past him into the net from a chipped back pass.
  15. takeovers

    Can you bring in loan players under the embargo?