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  1. League postion showing incorrectly

    Hi Guys, please see the screen shot. Although the Liverpool U18 have the superior goal difference they are still shown as second
  2. Licensed 3D Kits not showing in game

    Sorry guys, I should have posted that I resolved the issue. It was another 3D Kit pack that appears was causing the issue. Unsure if it was corrupt or not. What I eventually ended up doing was removing everyting from my Graphics folder then replacing each one. This is how I found the offending file causing the issue.
  3. 3d kits are not working

    Thanks Michael, that fixed it. Not 100% sure what the cause was but I had some out of date stuff in there which I removed as well as a couple of duplicate files. Appreciate the help
  4. 3d kits are not working

    Hi Michael I'm also having a similar issue where most of the 3D kits are not displaying apart from my team's, Liverpool, and the default Watford and Everton. All other teams are just displaying the default kits. I've tried moving the folders, re-installing twice, clearing cache etc. multiple times with no luck. Not sure what has gone wrong here and I could use some help config.xml
  5. Licensed 3D Kits not showing in game

    They do if we add the kits in and, like I state, it ws working fine up to about a week ago. So how come my Liverpool one is showing up but the others are not? The Liverpool kit is not licenced either yet it shows up. I was hoping for a bit more help than stating the obvious
  6. Licensed 3D Kits not showing in game

    I'm also having a similar issue. Up to about a week ago all was working fine. Now only my team, Liverpool, are showing Licenced shirts. Everyone they play appear to be in the right coloured kits but not the Licenced kits. I have tried: Re-installing the game twice including removing all added files. Editing their kits with the in-game editor Clearing cache, reloading skin multipe times I may be wrong, and the kits maybe are showing without advertising, badges etc., but I can't be sure.
  7. [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    Sturridge goal tally is incorrect He has scored 74 goals but he has scored 26 in other competions. FM18 is only showing the EPL tally
  8. Game timer top bar

    Yes, it has always been down the bottom which is far less intrusive than having it up the top. Ideally we should have the option to turn it off. When you watch a game on TV, you don't see such a bar. When we use the Director or TV view we really don't need to see it. As I stated previously, it serves no purpose.
  9. Free Kick Camera issue - KNOWN

    Yes, I have also expeinced this
  10. Substitutes

    Yep, my thoughts too
  11. Game timer top bar

    Totally agree. I find it really annoying as well. We should have the option to either turn it off it put it to the bottom where it has been in other versions. For me it serves no purpose
  12. Matchday Sound Playing on News Screen

    Also happens when you are in the dressing room at half time and full time. Maybe it is supposed to be like this but it is a little bit much
  13. Editing the Dynamic Ads

    I actually use 1440 x 60, the same as the ones by SI.
  14. Editing the Dynamic Ads

    What I need now is a nice .xml editor similar to fmXML
  15. Editing the Dynamic Ads

    I can confirm it does work however it will not convert .gif, you still need to convert them to .avi. Should save me a lot of time. Now we should see those dynamic ads coming thick and fast. Thanks Mike