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  1. Not quite sure why you'd be taking it so personally. I'm not really concerned with your credentials, and i think I've already agreed (twice) that i didn't think it was doable either. i'm just trying to have fun with the game mate. if we cant be constructive then ill stop. cheers anyway. have fun.
  2. Cheers, id seen that. thanks for the words of encouragement, i think i was agreeing that i didn't think it was doable... i have kind of got something similar at the back with IWBs on support behind WBs on attack. Its the team instructions that make it . focus passing down the flanks and look for the overlap does get the IWBs overlapping IF you play altra attacking and very wide when on the ball. You also have to play very narrow in defence to get the IWBs looking like CBs when not in possession. You can have 2 centre mids that hold the middle of the pitch and it starts to look a LITTLE like wh
  3. Iwbs on defend 1cb and "look for overlap" is the closest thing I can think of that would even come close. I guess you'd have to use halfbacks in midfield to cover the gaps though. Focus play down the wings and play really wide, pass into space as well to look for switches from wing to wing & overload. You'd have to play very attacking as well to push up the pitch. It wouldn't work, but might be fun.
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