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  1. When your reserves do better than your full strength senior team, you need to wonder which team actually IS the senior team....
  2. It'd be a short story at best.
  3. Ah. I did mine with FM 10 - and I was offered the Worcester job on the same day. Forgot you were doing it with FM 09.
  4. I'd say erase it, to be fair. Like you, I have no idea about why your game has decided not to offer you any jobs. I am willing to believe that if you restart the game, you'll be offered a job in a matter of days.
  5. No sarcasm intended, I'm sure. You have to ask the obvious things to be able to garner potential clues. However, given how easily I got offered a job on my game...I'm at a loss.
  6. Did you click return from holiday when offered a job? EDIT: I have literally just been offered a job the moment I went on holiday. Worcester offered me their job
  7. I'm going to experiment and see what I pull out of the hat.
  8. An unusual circumstance, to say the least. The only question I have is what nationality you are in the game. If you are set to automatic and are American in the game, in my opinion, you would be unknown to practically every club you are applying for - so they would never hire you. At a guess, your reputation is rock bottom.
  9. What personal instructions are you giving him? (Screenie please)
  10. Times and Days Available: Weekends, 1pm till 12pm Preferred Communication Program: Skype/MSN Host Worthy (Specify what countries and Leagues to use): All leagues from the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Turkey and USA (that's 44 leagues from 16 countries - if everyone says they're not going to use leagues from a certain country, I'll remove that country) Preferred Team: Chelsea, Boca Juniors, Portsmouth, Rijeka or Werder Bremen
  11. Just the two. One is between gav, Xen, Terk, Mikey and Offy. The other is without Offy and has me in there instead.
  12. Reading 2012-13 (EPL Champions - on FM 2007) GK: Aydemir Hasan (regen, Turkish) DR: Emmanuel Eboué (Ivorian) DL: Tobias Leinar (regen, Swedish) DC: Jack Hobbs (English) DC: Michael Mancienne (Seychelles - don't even ask ) DM: Lucas Leiva (Brazilian) MC: Chris Fuller (regen, English) MC: Diego (Brazilian) AMR: Fernando Belluschi (Argentine) AML: Giuseppe Rossi (Italian) ST: Sultan Cem (Turkish) Subs: Stefano Rossi (regen, Italian, left winger) Javier Mascherano (Argentine) James Adams (regen, English, right-back) Vlajko Ristic (regen, Serbian, right winger/attacking midfielder) Michalis Petrou (regen, Cypriot, GK) What a side that was
  13. To be honest, I have a digibox that has to be left on overnight (otherwise it screws itself up) - it's really noisy and there is a light upon it. If you leave it on, you'll eventually get used to it - then you can sleep On another note, the CPU is just beside your pillow? Fire hazard much?
  14. That is so awesome Also, St. Mirren v. Dundee United isn't a Europa League tie, is it?
  15. I've been discussing this with salk and gav earlier - and I'm more than happy to do it. It's a great idea - and even if a story didn't accompany it, it would be a great way (if only from the banter it would bring on the forum) to make this forum a nicer and friendlier place (barring the times when people want to break Thomas Mueller's legs ) I'm in.
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