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  1. FMH 2012 unable to start

    Bingo! Thanks for that Marc, seems to have done the trick. Regards.
  2. FMH 2012 unable to start

    I have just tried uninstalling it and making sure it's fully removed before downloading it again. During the download I've now received the error message 'Error - Package file was not signed correctly'. I tried it again and it worked, however I'm now back to the usual error message! I've just installed Astro File Explorer, will that do the job? If so I'm ready for instructions!
  3. FMH 2012 unable to start

    By the way, I did once receive the error message that frooper opened a thread for 'Could not install on SD or USB'. I don't get it any more but it may have something to do with it?
  4. FMH 2012 unable to start

    Sorry, I didn't see your second message. I've gone into manage apps, the details for FHM2012 are as follows; Storage Total 42.75MB App 68.00KB USB Storage app 42.69MB Data 0.00B SD Card 0.00B I selected the option to 'Move to SD Card' so now I have the option to 'Move to phone', or else force stop or uninstall. I tried running it again but experienced the same problem. It doesn't appear to be an issue with the SD card from what I can tell, but I'm puzzled over the 'USB storage app 42.69MB' bit?
  5. FMH 2012 unable to start

    Nothing that I'm aware of. The SD card is accessible as I can access videos etc stored on there. Is there anything else I can try?
  6. FMH 2012 unable to start

    Hi Marc, I've tried a reboot (which clears temp. files) and a regular on/off, has had no effect. Storage - I have 584MB available on the phone and 4.07GB of 7.39GB available on my SD card. The message appears straight away upon opening the game (I can see the start screen behind the error message window).
  7. FMH 2012 unable to start

    Hi Alari, thanks for your reply. Below is the rest of the message; Common reasons for this are: (1) Previous instance is still active (wait 30 seconds & retry). (2) Device is being used as storage medium for a personal computer. (3) Device has insufficient disk space to run or install game Please rectify this issue before restarting the application. There's definitely not a previous instance of the game, I'm not connected to my pc and I should have sufficient disk space.
  8. FMH 2012 unable to start

    I'm getting this error message when I try to open the game having downloaded it. I have 3.8gb storage on my SD card and over 500mb on the phone itself (HTC Sensation), along with plenty of RAM (around 200mb). I've tried uninstalling, rebooting my phone etc but nothing has any effect. Any advise? Thanks