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  1. Sorry, I meant those hidden attributes values would just increase. But are we sure that an increase or decrease in the hidden attributes values doesn't affect the CA directly somehow?
  2. Tutoring will affect these hidden attributes: Adaptability Ambition Controversy Loyalty Pressure Professionalism Sportsmanship Temperament And determination as a viewable mental attribute. The most important mental traits would be Ambition, professionalism, determinination and pressure. But how important are mental traits like pressure and the other ones such as Adaptability, Controversy, Loaylty, Sportsmanship and Temperament? How would you rate them? Would any of these mental traits be affected of training and competetive matches without tutoring? We also got some Hidden attributes that's not gonna be affected by tutoring(not from own experience, but others), but only by competetive matches. These are: Consistency Dirtiness Important Matches Injury Proneness Versatility I suppose playing competetive matches and getting involved in "Big games" would let you gain more CA in Consistency and Important matches. Is this true? Would any of the other attributes be affected and why?
  3. Oh mama:p Nice to see they exists. Guess this will not be the only model citizen in your squad in a couple of years. After I bought Ter Stegen (Dortmund goalkeeper/Perfectionist), four of five of mine goalkeepers are now perfectionists. I have not discovered any model citizens in my save yet(2017). I don't know if it's possible to search for personalities.. Anyway, I've brought in a new head of youth development (HOYD), who is very close beeing a model citizen, so some of my next newgens could very much be a model citizen or close to that. If they are close, I guess it should be possible to tutoring the last part if lucky...?
  4. Can dirtiness (Hidden attribute) change by tutoring? What is pressure related to? I thought that pressure would affect the way your player handle important matches, but they are two different hidden attributes, and are not related to each other. If that's the case, I find it odd.
  5. [/b] So basically, the best outcome with tutoring, should be a tutor with determined personality, combined with one of these media-handling types: Determined Det 18-19, Amb 10-20 Eva, Unf Con 1-14, Tem 15, Pre 15-20, Pro 15-20 Eva, ST, Con Con 1-14, Tem 1-2, Pre 15-20, Pro 15-20, Spo 1-7 Eva, ST Con 1-14, Tem 1-2, Pre 15-20, Pro 15-20, Spo 8-20 Eva, Vol, Con Con 1-14, Tem 3-6, Pre 15-20, Pro 15-20, Spo 1-7 Eva, Vol Con 1-14, Tem 3-6, Pre 15-20, Pro 15-20, Spo 8-20 Eva, Con Con 1-14, Tem 7, Pre 15-20, Pro 15-20, Spo 1-7 Eva, Res Con 1-5, Tem 7-14, Pre 15-20, Pro 15-20 Eva Con 6-14, Tem 7-14, Pre 15-20, Pro 15-20 Res Con 1-5, Tem 7-20, Loy 11-20, Pro 15-20, Pre 1-14 Ambition would be between 10-20 and professionalism would be between 15-20. High determination would be great for high rating in competetive matches, see StormenDKs argument: A tutor with personalities like: Model Citizen Pro 18-20, Det 18-20, Pre 18-20, Amb 18-20, Loy 18-20, Spo 18-20, Tem 18-20 or Perfectionist Pro 18-20, Det 18-20, Amb 18-20, Tem 1-9 Would be awesome, but hard to find. A tutor with one of these personalities could be great: Model Professional Pro 20, Tem 10-20 Professional Pro 18-19, Tem 10-20 Fairly Professional Pro 15-20, Det 1-14 Resolute Pro 15-20, Det 15-20, Spo 5-20, Pre 1-16 But these personalities could be unambitious. Very Ambitious Amb 20, Loy 1-9, Det 1-17 Amibitous Amb 16-19, Loy 1-9, Det 1-17 But these personalities could be unprofessional. The personality guide would in some cases narrow the range within some of these attributes, but we'll never be sure exactly. High win bonuses reactions could give you an indication of ambition (is this for season competitions bonuses or contract, or both?). Teamtalk reactions also? Reactions to high trianing levels will indicate their professional attribute. Other indications? Im problably wrong about some parts here, so let me know:) We know competetive matches are a major factor gaining CA, but how many minutes do they have to play? 5 minutes as a sub, is that equal to a full match?
  6. So determination doesn't contribute in gaining CA. High determination is only good, because we then know the tutor will have high ambition... Well, I thought that higher determination then faster you gained CA. To create a top personality, just Tutor a young player with high professionalism with a good tutor with high ambition, or opposite. Simple formula I know ;-) And with good training facilities, great coaches and competetive matches, you will probably achieve anything :-)
  7. Thx BiggusD! I'm not so sure about your remarks regarding determination, but I'm not in a position to test your argument So basically, you should tutor a player with high professional personality with high ambition, and opposite? I've read StormenDK's mediahandling personalities analyze, and it's a great tool to find out more about the hidden attributes. Anyway, I think you misunderstood my last question. Last one, have anyone experienced that a player turned into another personality, after they was to old to be tutored? From a determined personality to, let's say professional? In that case, how is it possible? I've read somwhere that a player moved from determined personality to perfectionist, all by himself at the age of 28. Anyone had this experience?
  8. So proffessionalism and ambition is the only necessary traits for a player's development? I thought there were three traits, the last of them was determination.. Is this incorrect? Is determination just an important attribute for a player while playing a match? Yes, the CA will only increase while playing competetive football. But doesn't playing in the reserves help at all? For example, staying match fit by plaing in the reserves, would that reduce the amount of decrease of CA? Last one, have anyone experienced that a player turned into another personality, after they was to old to be tutored? From a determined personality to, let's say professional? In that case, how is it possible?
  9. Is it any point in tutoring a youngster who is a model professional, or proffesional, leader, model citizen or a determined etc youngster with media handling styles like evasive or any other positve style? Wouldn't he pick up his pa's from there?
  10. Thx Stormen! Ive read your contribution about this subject, and you've done a fantastic job ;-) I'll probably get him more proffesional and maybe finetune him after that :-) Would any of you ever tutor a youngster who is a Model Citizen?
  11. Thx HHUK! Maybe I should raise this Driven youngsters professionalism and ambition values thru tutoring, but then again i would probably have to sacriface his determination values among other.. Has anyone had a Model Citizen in your squad? Guess it's a certain that you don't need to Tutor that kind of player..
  12. Or tutor any of these personalities: Model Citizen: Determination > 17 & Ambition > 17 & Loyalty > 17 & Pressure > 17 & Professionalism > 17 & Temperament > 17 & Sportsmanship > 17. Model Professional: Professionalism = 20 & Temperament > 9. Professional: Professionalism = 18-19 & Temperament > 9. Perfectionist: Ambition > 17 & Professionalism > 17 & Determination > 17. Driven: Determination = 20 & Ambition > 9. Is it any point? I got a youngster who is Driven, so wouldn't he be able to be a star if the PA is great whitout tutoring?
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