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    Man Utd !!
  1. Biggest result in '11

    Newcastle 7-0 Blackpool
  2. Happy Birthday Miles Jacobsen...

    Happy birthday miles!!
  3. Retro Skin

    Wow! Looks great!!
  4. Retro Skin

    Can we see a screenshot please?
  5. That would be very fun to play around with!
  6. Yeah i suppose but it would be quite good because irl you always see managers and physio's talking about the extent of an injury to a player so thought it would be good to implement in the game some how
  7. yeah i know that but it would be good to have a pop-up saying what that 'green cross' was.
  8. I understand your opinion but i think it would be easier as just a little pop up on the screen instead of having to go off the match to click on a player. I feel this would be useful if it is not a serious injury so that you know how badly player X is injured and then decide whether he should carry on or not.
  9. When a player is injured during a game, you could recieve a note from your physio just telling you some information about the injury whilst you are watching the game just so you know, not what the injury is but what the extent of the injury is. For example how bad it is, where the injury is. Just a cool little feature that i would like to be implemented into the game. What do you think?
  10. Great read! And a brilliant career, can I dare say that you are better than clough?
  11. you have to subscribe to the football manager podcast series on itunes. Then once you have done that you must press refresh on the podcasts tab on your itunes library and the new podcast will pop up, just press download! listening to it now, thanks SI/SEGA
  12. Is anyone else like me?

    the only problem with only playing a game for 1 or 2 seasons is you miss out on all the regens!! I used to only do 1/2 seasons but it is much funner to switch clubs instead of creating a new game if you get bored.
  13. FM 11 World Cup Stars

    Name: Sanchez Team: Chile Why: Very skillful and good dribbling ability