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  1. Hi, would like to call attention to the Malaysia Cup bug. I've won it last year, but was not allowed/never joined the next year's edition. I search on the forums showed that this bug was posted about a couple months ago. Could this be fixed? Older post was in the Malaysia Official League thread for bugs: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/399763-Malaysia-(Official)-League-Specific-Issues?highlight=Malaysia, and http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/428704-My-club-(Sabah)-being-omitted-from-Piala-Malaysia?highlight=Malaysia Thanks!
  2. I don't think SI will put it in. The whole point of the set attributes is to allow different players to be compared between each other, physical/technical/mental. If SI were to give Ronaldo an attribute for Free Kick Dip Shots, every other player would need to be given the attribute as well. Ronaldo's free kicks should be determined through the Free Kick Taking, Technique, Balance (?) attributes.
  3. Do you have an idea of an example of this unique signature attribute?
  4. Jon flanagan just got released in my save :'( he was so unlucky with injuries
  5. Thanks for this, didn't buy FM15 and was really confused during the beta!
  6. I remember being in school in the US, and i bought the game on steam. Came out as Worldwide Soccer Manager 2005, was so confused.
  7. Good read. I always wanted to record the lives of my newgens throughout the years, but I never could be bothered, and now I can't remember any of them anymore :'(
  8. Plus he's foreign! Doesn't even speak the language
  9. Thank you for being able to adjust the match sound during a match! Won't get my ears blasted anymore Also, I think you fixed the Asian name format.
  10. Could you post an 18 yr old Luis Suarez? Maybe also a Cristiano
  11. Fran Merida last seen in Brazil, but he hasnt been signed on in a while. Also, was Seb Larsson in the game at this point? I remember always raiding the Arsenal youth ranks at the time...
  12. I heard he's not even in the MLS? NASL I think, I think his new team did that headers/lockerroom challenge once :'( I remember Fran Mereida and Bojan being really good back in the day?
  13. Great times. For some reason I miss having the contract options on the bottom left. Sooo nostalgic! And Freddy Adu from DC United was a steal
  14. Nice! I'd forgotten about this but I'm glad its ongoing!
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