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  1. On 30/10/2018 at 09:17, michaeltmurrayuk said:

    Quick Preview for the FM19 version:


    Still working on various things, mainly tweaking the individual panels and trying to make as much as possible editable through the game - found a way to get extra views to the drop-down list. And hopefully I'll be able to keep the eight panels if the vertical positioning is remembered this year.

    Looks perfect and thanks again for making the mods and answering all the questions.

  2. 30 minutes ago, westy8chimp said:

    No, the point is its irrelevant to tell us how to artificially make the game harder... We all enjoy the game the way we play it and all are equal. Pretentious £%_%& going on about 'dont be liverpool' arent getting the issue. Its no harder at llm by the way... Ive been there and done that... Whether you take on the bottom club in tier 21 or the bottom club in the Epl doesnt matter, requires the same skillset to get to the top... (ability to create logical tactic, keep players happy and fit, sign better players than you currently have or develop the players you have) it just takes an extra 21 seasons to win the Epl...

    Idgaf about regen faces... But for some people its gamebreaking, i dont go to those threads and go on about hoe its not an issue. If i was going to comment, id make it relevant and objective i. E i would compare the regen face in fm18 to the regen face in fm19. 


    But you haven't done a fair comparison.  What you have done is compare full release FM18 to beta FM19.  It wouldn't be objective to compare two different products at different stages of its development cycle, no matter how advanced beta should be.

  3. 42 minutes ago, westy8chimp said:

    Fm19: New edition comes out, you look forward to playing the game in the same way.... But oh no, youve created your own fairly simple 442 and you win 35/38 games and get promoted season after season and every player you bid for just gets accepted without a fight, where previously u had to hardball the AI for months to unsettle a star player and you couldnt wait to see him in your team cos at one point you thought it would never happen... And you get a golden generation every other season. To top it all you beat barca 5-0 in the CL final in your first venture into European football.


    Have you actually done all this in a week with a non-league team?  Or just extrapolating and guessing from a beta version which still has a week left before release.

  4. 1 hour ago, upthetoon said:

    the gegenpress tactic seems to be overpowered and the AI can't defend against it or the ME is not calculating correctly for that tactic.

    if you use gengenpress for sides like Cardiff whose players do not have the attributes to perform the tactic correctly it should fail. your players will be taking up wrong closing down positions and sorts. but ME is not calculating this? which is why you can take any obscure side and play the gengenpress and win.

    Gegenpress does work quite effectively but I think it has two significant drawbacks. 

    1.  Long balls over the top work well as your defensive line is so high.

    2,  Players are asked to press and so are susceptible to fatigue, injury and so on. 

    Does it balance out?  Not sure yet...

  5. 5 minutes ago, dannysheard said:

    The danger is that it loses its immersion if you add something too arbitrary to the way you play.

    That is true, although it does seem relatively realistic to try and achieve.

    For supreme immersion, you could try to manage Athletic Bilbao in La Liga, they used to have a very strict policy of only employing players from their specific region (the Basque Country) in Spain. I think they only recently widened their approach to include Spanish players (and a Romanian who grew up in the Basque Country).


    Edit: Changed info on Romanian player

  6. 16 minutes ago, dannysheard said:

    Is it really a sandbox game?

    I like football and I like Liverpool, so I want to be able to play a football management simulation where it is at least a bit of a challenge to dominate.


    You could always try to win the league with a British squad, or an English squad at Liverpool, which would already add a layer of difficulty to the game.  You wold have to either pay premium prices for established English players, buy and develop younger ones or through your own academy.


    3 minutes ago, Ross Ingersoll said:

    I am in the B league and I see 4, looks like around 70ish matches or so. the normal league is 38 by itself

    Hopefully someone in Brazil will hire me!  

  7. I don't know if its because I have been using the default skins on FM19 compared to the larger ones from FM18, but it seems like processing times are quite fast this year.  I have 11 leagues (I think) on playable with 2 stars and processing doesn't seem to last more than 20-30 seconds.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Ross Ingersoll said:

    or use a team  in brazil, the season is so long  by the time its over, you will have forgotten what you were complaining about at the start

    Unfortunately I heard that the winter transfer window is wrong in the Brazilian leagues and will need to be fixed through database.  Also, I don't even know how many competitions there are in each season.

  9. 40 minutes ago, Ross Ingersoll said:

    as Dave said before, if you want it to be hard, lower your manager beginning ratings. starting with a top club and using a created manager with world class ratings and complaining its easy is kind of silly.  Its like playing fifa or another sports game  on a rookie mode and complaining . 

    Should try managing in the second Chilean division where no one will listen to me :'(


    Dodged the relegation playoff on the final day.

  10. 10 hours ago, adam_thomas said:

    I've copied all the panels over from FM18 but I cant get the match screen to how I had it in FM18, any ideas? With pitch selected I just get given the default and now drop down menus or ability to change size of columns etc

    If you want to edit the panels in the default skins for FM19, just download and edit the mod, then paste it into the main file for FM19 in your documents.  Should be User/My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019.  Also, delete cache and reload skin and it should work, even mid-game.

  11. It worked!  Not sure if this was intentional or I just kept reading it wrong, but in the "match team stats ibh bottom.xml" file, you had written that:

    "to change which columns are active change hidden value to true to show and false to hide,". 

    I was struggling until I had worked out that to see a column appear in the panel you had to change the hidden value to false to show, and to true to hide the column.  I think they got mixed up.

    Thanks for the mod and the help!

    In-Between Highlights Mod.png

  12. 15 minutes ago, michaeltmurrayuk said:

    The Full Player Stats view is one of the alternative views for the Ratings/Body Language panels so you can use that.

    If you want to just customize the top/bottom file I have included various options in the top/bottom file you just need to change the hidden bits from false to true to turn them on.

    There should also be a near complete list of usable ids in this thread (it's a bit old but the panels haven't changed that much) so you can add them if I've missed the ones you want:


    Thanks for the list!  I'm using the Full Player Stats view right now but I think I'll try and edit the top/bottom files

  13. Hi Michael,

    If I wanted to add more columns/data into the "match team stats ibh bottom" xml file, is there a list of ids (such as MPCc for Chances Created) that I could draw from to add into the file?  I'm trying to have a full player stats panel that used to be in the older FM games.

    Thanks for the mod, it makes matches already so much better.

  14. Not looking for any graphic download links or anything, just curious about something. As I have been bringing up a team from the VNL to the Prem, I have become attached to the kits that SI have provided for their licensed leagues (the default kits in the Champ and so on). I have been looking all over the internet and I haven't found any user-made kits for international teams or for the Prem that have used the same default "stubby" template that SI used, with the more popular ones being the SS and the TW12. Just wondering if this is an aesthetics/accessibility choice?

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