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  1. @knap Hello and thank you for your tactic! I am gonna use the 4-4-2 tactic but I am confused as to what attributes to look for my players. Every position have lot of personal instructions, so I dont know if I should look stats for their assigned role... For example, both mezallas have different individual instructions... what stats should I look for each one? Wide Midfielders individual instructions are more like "wingers". It would be nice if you could also give us some filters of what you think are important stats for each position :P Thanks!
  2. whats the difference of unplugged tactics? sorry to ask, I am new here :P
  3. thank you all for the answers! yea I somehow ignore them, but its just a little immersion breaker :P
  4. is it use any corner or short throw exploit? I am interested to try but I want a no-exploit tactic (no offence, but many tctis I tried have these exploits).
  5. This is coming to an unrealistic level. Whoever player I sell, even the worst player of the team the supporters will dont like it (In the confidence screen). The team might cruise from one success to the other, you sign in better players, but you sold some too... and while you have achieved all your goals and did even better things, in the confidence screen you will always see that supporters didnt like that I sold someone (god forbid). You win Barcelona 4-0 but supporter is concerned that you sold the ball boy. /end of rant
  6. Thanks. Indeed, coaches is the only thing that have my attention and try to have as many stars as possible.
  7. As the title say.. How important you think staff is? and how would you rank them in order of importance? I managed to get a super assistant coach with great attributes and still I find his advice not good to follow. I find better players my own by using the player search feature that what my assistant coaches recommend. I never pay too much attention in data from analysts asI dont change my tactics match to match. Only thing I would consider important is physios and doctors if that reduce the frequency of injuries but I am not convinced it does, have not seen a difference. What am I missing? is staff just there for "immersion"? Whats your opinion?
  8. I see... then why those attributes (Stamina, Teamwork, Work rate, off the ball) cost Current ability points? I am just wondering...
  9. Thanks! I see. I guess it affects other players motivation in game? For example a Determined, Professional leader will help players around him to be less complacent and be more professional/motivated? But what if the other players are also Determined and have good personalities? Does leadership then become pointless? Something else, about other stats. How important is Off the ball, Teamwork, Work rate to a goalkeeper? I guess off the ball its completely useless, but I am not sure about Teamwork and Work rate.. also for stamina... If 15-16 stamina is good for a Full back and a midfielder, isnt a stamina of 9-10 good for goalkeeper?
  10. What the title say. Is leadership ability usefull on the pitch? Or it exists only to decide who is gonna be the leader of the team and just affect locker atmosphere?
  11. Its UP!!!! https://www.footballmanager.com/blog/football-manager-2019-pre-and-game-editor-updates @Luke Cro
  12. low professionalism, High controversy. Slap, kick and release.
  13. I use it to cheat and create the best players for my tactic.. I like to test tactics in general and always wanna have the best for each position. Also to do cheap transfers and sell some of players high..
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