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  1. I really dont see any flaw to your tactic. Its very logical. Keep in mind that FM20 is the most difficult of last 4-5 years so far. Everyone struggles this year.
  2. I stop playing for now until maybe a patch comes out and fix the ME... I just cant stand continue to watch my 16+ in finishing, composure, technique, decisions attacker lose 5+ CCC per match with a ridiculous way too. Its super unrealistic. Try to fix your ME and make CCC to be more "rare" instead of watching 10 times per match my attacker to "pass" the ball to the opponent goalkeeper..
  3. update: The tactic is awesome. I have overachieved so far in every competition. I won all my rivals and also have some pretty big scores. My only "issue" is as I said earlier my CWB are cutting in with ball and try to finish from very poor position/angle and waste too many chances, while there are players in the box to cross/pass. They have good teamwork, decision, vision and composure to decide not to make a bad finish but still they do. I tried to change them to WBa with stay wide PI but still they do the same thing. They also dont have any preferred move to cut inside. My next 2 changes will be 1) to put them to DR/L position as FBa or to enable Early Crosses in TIs, but I am afraid I might ruin the tactic. That said, the tactic is top so far and I have overachieved so far in any competition. I just cant stand seeing my WB waste so many chances :P PS. As a last resort is to accept that situation, play an opposite foot CWB (for example a left foot on right side) with good finishing attribute and I may win jackpot :P
  4. The tactic is very good. What I noticed is a lot of missed chances from CWB... they often cut inside and they try to finish instead of pass/cross to a teammate for better chances. I will try to change them to WBa (so they dont roam from position) and wil lalso add the PI to stay wider. I will see how this will work out.
  5. I am trying to figure out how to increase my player value. My problem is that if I edit a player and raise his CA and attributes, his Value stay low and then teams come to get him cheap. When I try to ask a realistic price, the player becomes angry because the money I ask are too much compared to his low value... I tried to raise their reputation or their salary and still value remains unchanged And it does not make sense. 2 Players in my squad with same rep, same CA, same hidden attributes and personality and same age and they have lot of difference in their value.. How Value is calculated anyway?
  6. @rootcoors Have a look at this article It explains very well why he chose its role for the formation you are interested. I would suggest to give it a try and tweak from there to your likings
  7. Would you mind post it please? I am starting a new save with Derby and looking for a solid tactic. I dont mind if its not finished, I will tweak it later when you post the finished one. I just need something goo to start with. Thanks
  8. First of all thanks a lot for the very detailed answer. For the quoted part, what I wanted to do is when I have the ball and there is no possibility for counter attack, I dont want to play the ball fast forward with direct passing and lose it easily and fast to the opponent. But I get what you mean and will adjust it. this is my initial setup. If you think Other roles would be better, by all means I am open to advice :P I am not sure for the 2 forwards. Maybe I should use a Pressing forward on support duty and a poacher to stay further away in the pitch for Counter.
  9. Hello there. I would like some tips/advice on formation and Team Instructions to play a specific style of football. What I want is: -Defend in my own half to lure the opposition bring more players forward. -Steal the ball and get a fast Counter attack. 1) What would be a good formation for this? 4-4-2? Also what exactly the "Counter" instruction does? I mean should I set my tempo high and "More Direct Passing", or these options are "included" in the "counter" option when my team performs a counter attack? I mean can I play a low tempo, normal passing football when I perform an attack against an organized defense but when I perform a counter attack a fast paced direct passing game? 2) Also as far as I know, my players will Counter attack if they see the potential of a counter attack... but who is to decide this? My defender that will win the ball? Probably he will not have the vision and anticipation required to start a counter attack? How can I encourage my players to attempt counter attacks when we win the ball, even if the chances of success are not that high? 3) Whats the difference between the fluid and direct counter attack in preset styles?
  10. Hello and thanks for the tactics. I would like to ask: You have different filters for Raptor and Predator tactics. You also have some recommended attributes per position at the end. Those attributes are for Raptor or Predator? Thanks
  11. Thanks! I finally found the issue after searching in google for some time. It seems to be both .png file and .PNG file... the .PNG file does not work... it needs to be .png (first time I find out there is a difference). So I made my pictures in .png and is working now :P
  12. @sporadicsmiles Thanks for the post. It was a great read. I like how you described each role you chose and how it will play. I would love more threads like this for other tactics too, to explain why they chose each position and what they expect from the player. I would like to ask something. I am always afraid to use 1 footed player in wide position because I think that the defender will show on his weak foot and he will destroy its play. For example, if my left winger is only able to use his Right foot, defender will show on his weak foot and he will not be able to cut inside with the ball most of the times... same thing for winger, he will struggle a lot to get into a good crossing position. At the same time, the preset OIs for opposite wingers... what if opposite wingers can use either foot? How the OI will work there? Maybe I will just give them an easy path on one of their foot to play?
  13. Hello. I am trying to add some pictures for my staff. I have done this in FM19 successfully but I am having a trouble doing it in FM20. I have the DF11 Megapack and copy it to FM20 folder and it works fine. Now I added some pictures for my staff with the correct ID and also added them to the config file. My pictures are 260x300 pixel in png format. No idea why they are not leaded in game :(. I unchecked cache and checked the reload skin on comfirm. Reloaded skin many times, cant get them to work.
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