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  1. @blejdekthats lot of cons... you didnt mention any pros though :P How is the match engine? Does players still "slide" on the pitch? how about tactic representation on pitch.
  2. @freddieosThanks! almost downloaded the demo and will give it a try :P
  3. thats very good indeed! To be honest what troubles me most is those "super tactics" that make no sense in theory yet dominate the scores. Sure I am not using them myself, but only that exists give me the sense that match engine is flawed and that my efforts to make a realistic tactic is useless. Hope FM21 is better at that cause FM20 had its issues.
  4. oh didnt cross my mind at all. Thanks for point it out. Although I still like to hear some opinions, I always check user ratings and reviews.
  5. I will start by saying that I have all FM games since 2013 https://i.imgur.com/Ng0BrP2.png Every year I hear for "improved match engine" and other stuff but every year it feels the same to me how is it this year so far? If I play FM20 with a transfer update compared to FM21 what am I missing? Thanks
  6. I would like more role playing, like fifa manager had. Have a salary, buy a new house, car, etc Or help the team financially.
  7. @SloakI dont think that the thread here says that some attributes are not impactful but rather that you need many attribute modifiers for each situation. For a player to be in right place doing the right thing as you say, means a combination of Anticipation, positioning, work rate, teamwork, concentration...
  8. each player action is just a gamble... midfielder has tha ball and about to pass then the game does a "roll dice", this roll includes lot of attributes... anticipation, decision, composure, flair, vision, teamwork, passing, technique, concentration, agility, balance. All these modifyiers will roll... if you are "lucky" a mediocre player will do a good pass in the correct player... if you are "unlucky" a good player will do a bad pass.. and so on. eventually, in 1000 passes, the good player will do more good passes than mediocre player. Thats how the game is behind the curtain
  9. So whats being added to in-game editor this year? Trying to decide if get the official one or the one from FM Scout. Thanks
  10. I think there are too "stats" for this. One is team knowledge which increase the more the assistant manager is part of the team. The other one is judging player ability which will know what players need to improve both on general and individual training
  11. I am sorry but I see you always peak some easy examples to discuss to enhance your point of view, while there are others being presented. Still even in the corner scenario, player must also have good crossing in combination with good corner attribute. Why not for example just be a "Set Pieces" attribute that work for Free kicks, Throw ins, Corners and penalties and then have crossing, shooting, passing make a combination for it? but aside from these easy to pick examples, I think the worst cases are in mental attributes that work in combination. For a player to be creative, he has to have
  12. Ok, thanks! I will bother you with a quote when game is out, if you don't mind :P
  13. Every year, exploit tactics that make no sense are doing great while well thought realistic tactics are always mediocre at best. I am tired with this. Why do you care will you ask? well this is supposed to be a "simulation" game and realism is a big factor...
  14. As the title say. Will there be any new additions to in-game editor this year?
  15. every year I am saying I wont buy it because the game is literally the same for many years now, with minor fluff additions, but every year I suck it up and eventually buy it. Sadly there is no competition in the football management games and so I am not expecting anything than database updates.. but the chances are that I will buy it this year too.
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