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  1. OK thanks. To add, I had thought it was maybe that I didn't have a spare international allocation slot free.. So I traded away some of my draft picks and got an extra international slot. But this didn't make a difference either, and I'm still getting the same message from players. Even my loan bids come back as "the loan...has been cancelled", as shown below - which doesn't tell me anything. Worth noting that I have both general and targeted alllocation funds available. Starting to think this may be a bug?
  2. I've just increased my available salary cap to £23k and I'm still getting the same message from literally any player I try to sign... What is this SI?!
  3. But neither the player nor the agent would know that until they at least enter contract talks?
  4. True. But with the estimate being so low, it wouldn't be realistic that the actual demands were say, £50k. So it seems implausible that the player would even refuse to enter contract talks. Hardly as if a player would say he's "extremely interested in joining, but oh - you can't afford me" IRL. Must be another factor that SI has implemented here?
  5. It gets stranger. Just had exactly the same issue with another potential signing, despite his estimated wage to be several £1000 below my salary cap?
  6. Hi guys I've come across something a bit strange when playing as an MLS club for the first time: I've got a player who wants to join me, offer been accepted by his club, then his agent pops up (on the contract promises screen) and says "My client is extremely interested in joining the club in general, but he feels that the club will fail to meet his contract demands." It then gives me no option to commence contract talks or even to make promises to the player. Just FYI - I've got £11.25k worth of space in my salary cap, and I scouted the player several times previously, his demands were estimated at £4.8k - £6.75k - so comfortably under that. There are no current restrictions imposed by my board, and although I don't have a DP slot available, the maximum wage I can offer a Backup player is £12.25k. What is the reason for this message, and is there anything I can do to influence this?
  7. Yeah it's completely dumbfounded me as well.. No problem, let me know if you have any luck!
  8. Nope- Fallout 4, Bioshock Infinite, Arma 3, Fifa 16.. They all run flawlessly on any variation of settings in both full-screen and windowed mode.
  9. Okay I've eventually managed to test this, when duplicating the screen onto an external display, the laptop still shows signs of flickering but the external display functions fine, and again when its set to just show on the external display, there is no flickering present on the display.
  10. Doesn't seem to be any problems running that. It's been doing a burn-in for around 30 minutes at present, GPU temp hasn't risen above 80c and frame rate hasn't dropped below 50 fps, average is 67fps. That's on 1920x1080 with MSAA off.
  11. I was running a lot of graphics and logos, although I've tried removing them since and there's still no change in the flickering. I'm starting to really hate that word. Flickering. Grr
  12. I've tried pretty much every resolution from 1024x768 right upto 3840x2160. Recently I even updated the laptop's bios as I heard someone managed to resolve a similar problem doing that. I removed everything Nvidia related, all the drivers and software, everything and just reinstalled the driver alone, as another user resolved a similar problem by getting rid of Geforce Experience and just having the driver, but alas it's still flickering.
  13. Apologies for the delay, I've been trying some things to no avail. I've removed and clean re-installed all the drivers, but no luck. Still can't make head nor tail of it as I've tried several other games running in windowed mode in an attempt to replicate the issue, but it seems exclusive to FM based on my findings. I'm even managing to run Bioshock Infinite on max settings at 4K resolution in windowed mode without any sign of the flickering that's plaguing FM for me. I had come across other people experiencing flickering with Nvidia's drivers and Windows 10, but from what I can tell that was fixed for majority of people back with that previous Nvidia driver you referred me to previously. Only other issues I've seen since then is with people experiencing issues in an SLI setup, which I don't have. Can't make any sense of why this is occurring in FM and nowhere else, especially as FM is the only game I'm really wanting to run in windowed mode anyway!
  14. Had to tone down the settings using the integrated, but it does seem to not have the problem when running off the integrated graphics card in windowed mode.
  15. Software rendering mode has killed the roughness of the animations, although that's to be expected as it's cut them out completely. It has made a slight reduction on the flickering in the match engine, although it's slightly less visible flickering it is still present. The game also feels a lot laggier and sluggish while using software rendering, I'm not sure whether that's to be expected or not. EDIT - I take that back, it seems that software rendering has just spread out the flickering to the entire screen. Previously it was limited to the top 1/3 of the screen.
  16. Okay, I've toned all the settings either off or to their minimum and no change. Also worth mentioning that regardless of the graphics setting I've been experiencing animation distortions separately from the match engine too. Such as this- Obviously that's not normal, as when it runs in full-screen mode the animations are smooth as is the match engine. I can't understand why running in windowed mode would cause it to perform poorly, as I'm pretty sure in previous FMs I had experienced problems in full-screen mode and was advised by the mods to run it in windowed mode!
  17. Initially that was running the game on very high. Although I dropped all the settings down to minimum and it's still occurring. Even manually dropped the frame rate down to 25 and its still flickering.
  18. No probs, it was a bit hard to show on the camera but you can clearly see it when I zoom in at the end. [video=youtube;48wz-wxvFUE] Did you get the DxDiag okay? Is it all normal as far as that's concerned?
  19. Sure, I tried to paste it but it's telling me that its too much for a post! So I uploaded it here for you: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=26250473442660852580
  20. Okay I tried that and downgraded my Nvidia drivers from 359 to 355.98 as per your suggestion but it's still flickering in windowed mode
  21. Okay so after running a few tests it seems that it's only occurring in windowed mode, which is a pain 'cos I'm used to running it alongside other applications! Seems to run fine in full-screen mode even at a 4k resolution. Any ideas on why windowed mode could cause issues like this?
  22. Hey guys, I've just bought a laptop with an Nvidia 980m, i7 processor, 16gb ram, the lot. Wasn't expecting to have any issues whatsoever running FM16, as my (much older) desktop managed it fine, and considering the laptop is basically the recommended spec for Fallout 4.. Anyway, the issue I'm having is during the match engine. There's a thin wavey horizontal line that appears about 2 inches from the top of the screen, and bounces around up there while the 3d match engine is in use. Got me petrified that the screen and/or the graphics card is on the fritz! Anybody got any suggestions or thoughts on this for me? Any help is appreciated!!
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