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  1. @Jack Joyce PKM is below, save game has been uploaded to SI Cloud as "Tyler Rose re-up.fm" but this might not show the game in question as its now August 2022 in the save and the match in question was 8th November 2020. Newcastle v Tottenham.pkm
  2. So with goal-line technology in FM I've always seen it as a bit buggy, as when you get the goal-line reviews it doesn't show the top down view nor does it zoom in as they do with it on TV so you can see the detail.. And particularly on this occasion today there was a goal (which wasn't counted apparently) which rippled the back of the net, bounced down to the ground just past the line (I think, again without the above in-depth review it's hard to tell), and was then cleared out. FM showed me in the commentary the usual statement about 'ohh, was it a goal? did it cross the line?', but play carried on as usual. This is despite the ball hitting the back of the net. I was shown a goal-line review after the highlight, which looked about halfway between the line and the back of the net, but as it wasn't top down, it's hard to draw a conclusion. Subsequently the goal wasn't awarded, and I didn't get a goal credited to me despite it hitting the back of the net, complete with the ripple effects on the net itself. Can this be looked at as a potential bug regarding this one-off scenario? Also, can the feedback regarding potential top-down and zooming in reviews of goal-line technology be considered please? Video of the goal is uploaded onto Youtube here, can provide the match/complete highlights on request.
  3. Hi all Got a curious case here.. Danny Murphy (id: 28023806) He's down as a Tottenham physio in the game, and while I cannot say either way whether that is accurate, what seems to be inaccurate is his DOB and history.. Comparing this to his Wikipedia page (and doubtless other sources for those of you doubting Wikipedia), he has had a professional career which is not listed on his FM profile. Also his DOB is down as 26/11/74 in game, but Wiki states a DOB of 18/03/77.. Can someone look into this and verify?
  4. OK thanks. To add, I had thought it was maybe that I didn't have a spare international allocation slot free.. So I traded away some of my draft picks and got an extra international slot. But this didn't make a difference either, and I'm still getting the same message from players. Even my loan bids come back as "the loan...has been cancelled", as shown below - which doesn't tell me anything. Worth noting that I have both general and targeted alllocation funds available. Starting to think this may be a bug?
  5. I've just increased my available salary cap to £23k and I'm still getting the same message from literally any player I try to sign... What is this SI?!
  6. But neither the player nor the agent would know that until they at least enter contract talks?
  7. True. But with the estimate being so low, it wouldn't be realistic that the actual demands were say, £50k. So it seems implausible that the player would even refuse to enter contract talks. Hardly as if a player would say he's "extremely interested in joining, but oh - you can't afford me" IRL. Must be another factor that SI has implemented here?
  8. It gets stranger. Just had exactly the same issue with another potential signing, despite his estimated wage to be several £1000 below my salary cap?
  9. Hi guys I've come across something a bit strange when playing as an MLS club for the first time: I've got a player who wants to join me, offer been accepted by his club, then his agent pops up (on the contract promises screen) and says "My client is extremely interested in joining the club in general, but he feels that the club will fail to meet his contract demands." It then gives me no option to commence contract talks or even to make promises to the player. Just FYI - I've got £11.25k worth of space in my salary cap, and I scouted the player several times previously, his demands were estimated at £4.8k - £6.75k - so comfortably under that. There are no current restrictions imposed by my board, and although I don't have a DP slot available, the maximum wage I can offer a Backup player is £12.25k. What is the reason for this message, and is there anything I can do to influence this?
  10. Yeah it's completely dumbfounded me as well.. No problem, let me know if you have any luck!
  11. Nope- Fallout 4, Bioshock Infinite, Arma 3, Fifa 16.. They all run flawlessly on any variation of settings in both full-screen and windowed mode.
  12. Okay I've eventually managed to test this, when duplicating the screen onto an external display, the laptop still shows signs of flickering but the external display functions fine, and again when its set to just show on the external display, there is no flickering present on the display.
  13. Doesn't seem to be any problems running that. It's been doing a burn-in for around 30 minutes at present, GPU temp hasn't risen above 80c and frame rate hasn't dropped below 50 fps, average is 67fps. That's on 1920x1080 with MSAA off.
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