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  1. OK thanks. To add, I had thought it was maybe that I didn't have a spare international allocation slot free.. So I traded away some of my draft picks and got an extra international slot. But this didn't make a difference either, and I'm still getting the same message from players. Even my loan bids come back as "the loan...has been cancelled", as shown below - which doesn't tell me anything. Worth noting that I have both general and targeted alllocation funds available. Starting to think this may be a bug?
  2. I've just increased my available salary cap to £23k and I'm still getting the same message from literally any player I try to sign... What is this SI?!
  3. But neither the player nor the agent would know that until they at least enter contract talks?
  4. True. But with the estimate being so low, it wouldn't be realistic that the actual demands were say, £50k. So it seems implausible that the player would even refuse to enter contract talks. Hardly as if a player would say he's "extremely interested in joining, but oh - you can't afford me" IRL. Must be another factor that SI has implemented here?
  5. It gets stranger. Just had exactly the same issue with another potential signing, despite his estimated wage to be several £1000 below my salary cap?
  6. Hi guys I've come across something a bit strange when playing as an MLS club for the first time: I've got a player who wants to join me, offer been accepted by his club, then his agent pops up (on the contract promises screen) and says "My client is extremely interested in joining the club in general, but he feels that the club will fail to meet his contract demands." It then gives me no option to commence contract talks or even to make promises to the player. Just FYI - I've got £11.25k worth of space in my salary cap, and I scouted the player several times previously, his
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