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  1. Fm has always been the same, if you really wanted a easy game you always picked the top clubs with lots of money,and if you wanted a challenge you always picked clubs with little money and a poor playing squad.That has not changed from what i have seen in playing through the demo...
  2. Miles nice one for answering and putting your point across. Well done sir, even if i dont agree with all...
  3. This is very true. and most research goes to show this.. The silly thing about all this is how does a pirate copy equal a lost sale if the pers. Simplyon wasnt going to buy it in the first place....Has been said many times before "if you want people to buy your software give it to them at a price which is fair and in a format that does not stop or hinder people from using your software. " In english Si let people use a cd and not have to use steam if they do not want to.... Simple really.
  4. Ok i have steam on my computer and so far have had no problems with it....I understand that people do and so like to own disc based games that dont need to connect to the internet....The sad fact of the matter is that all games on the pc are going digital distribution be that with steam, direct download, greenman gaiming, good old games, and even ea,s origin. Have a look in your local games shop and see how big the pc stand is.It is only maybe another two to three years before all pc games become direct downloads only.This will also happen to consoles, not this gen but next gen...Do you all complain when you download your apps to your phones, tablets.? Do people complain because they cant buy them in a shop ?Ye. Do i think this will stop the game from being pirated... No, it wont , do i think this will earn si any more sales,,, no i dont. The game will sell as much as it does every year....If you want more sales, reduce the price down to under £ 20. A double dip is coming, games are an expensive treat.Yes i no this is about having to acctivate a disc based game via steam, but si are not the only game company that do this.Look at what others are doing befor you judge si so harshly. You want to play battlefield 3 you will need to install orgin you want to play diablo 3 you need to install blizzards downloader and client. And there more games which you are required to do this.
  5. i am sure that was done in an early version of pm manager when gremlin use to publish it....never liked it in that.....
  6. Would like to see a real time editor included with the next version...along the lines of f.m.r.t.e. in fact as the guy does such a good job why dont si ask if they can use it.....might not be for everybody but it would be nice...yes i know we have the standard editor but this would be a nice extra...thank you....
  7. thanks for the latest one like it lots....
  8. When you would rather play fm09 then go to bed and make love to the wife who has been asking for the last four hours.... good job someone invented vibros.....
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