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  1. Just holidaying through Belgium, never know might end up on a plane again
  2. yep, the download was an update to the beta. Still no greenman code for me either
  3. thanks mate, have sent a ticket over to them and tried twitter and FB. Will try calling them when they open
  4. any suggestion what we can do on greenman? Appears some have codes, some dont?
  5. nope only one key in my list. They have said it should be in your keys list, if it isn't contact them tomorrow, last time I buy there
  6. actually, I think you might find that people do pay attention to this
  7. obviously... You bought DLC labelled as FMC and now want the money back is the DLC is for FMC, I am really not surprised they are saying no. Look at Black Ops 2. There is a map called Nuletown 2025 Zombies (zombies is a game mode in the game). It pretty obvious to anyone that map is for the zombies mode, same deal
  8. I think by saying these are FMC unlockables, they are giving you a pretty good indicator that they are, well, FMC Unlockables.. If you really weren't sure, maybe ask the question first, I read your other thread and you didn't ask if they were FMC only, you asked why they did not unlock for you.
  9. imagine if some third divison part time spanish side beat real madrid 4-0 in the spanish cup on fm when real madrid had players like Ronaldo, Higuain etc in the side? That would never happen in real life, would report that one as well... or if Novara beat Inter 3-1 in serie a? I would probably demand a refund! Now all I need is this to happen and I will be convinced Sorry to be so sarky but watch a bit of football mate, see that upsets happen and enjoy your game and celebrate a top win
  10. is it a bug that a team had a bad day...? No it isn't
  11. you do have a skin, all the games do, what you see in your inbox etc is all a skin, just the default one.
  12. no. He meant reloading the skin, it can help with cache clearing etc. Did you try press space bar?
  13. For me and a friend on opposite sides of the world, Steam has been 10 times quicker than Hamachi. We have been playing online since 2008
  14. love how everyone knows what he is going to do.. @D0bi - How do you know he won't try make them massive and is just trying to keep them afloat? He is a business man, more than likely in it to make some money, spending his money to 'keep a club' afloat is not exactly going to make any money, granted it's not likely to even if they do make it big again but why bother keeping them afloat? The biggest thing I think (with respect to the game) people seem to be missing is that he has reportedly made an 'affiliate link' between his Mexican sides (Leon and Pachuca) allowing them to 'exchange' playe
  15. its likely he will put a high amount of money in, but only time will tell if he does. There are some rich people that have bought into clubs and run them as a business not just thrown their cash in
  16. I think we need to see how much he actually invests into the club first?
  17. there will be costs for sure, but it may be less. Worth trying
  18. geordiebird very simple question. If this is all pre programmed or whatever you are suggesting, why do you think its not happening to everyone?
  19. essentially it didn't lie, 53k was made and the 35k has been paid, it just cost you more than 20k to host the game. This is why I travel to friendlies
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