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  1. pretty much the opposite for me! Icardi who has stats of 16/17 finishing, penalty taking and composure missed 5/6 penalties for me last season. My team were winning and doing well so morale was always high too!
  2. How have you guys gone about the FFP? Im currently in December 2016 and have projected loss of 20 mill? I know I got a message saying the board will pump money in but just wanted to ask did everyone pass FFP?
  3. I am really leaking goals playing a 4-3-3 with pretty much the same standard squad but with gaya at lb and sakho at cb instead of Murillo (he got upset about rejecting bids from big clubs and was affecting whole team) - What formation are you using? I have scored lots of goals but conceded nearly just as much, including two 3-0 losses in 8 games. Any Advice?
  4. i have the same problem, it was working since release day and when i last played it 2 days ago but when i tried to play it yesterday i had the same error. i have tried to re-install it twice already but it still doesnt work. i was in my 3rd season too.
  5. Willians Santana

    in the future he could be as good
  6. WILLIAN SANTANA just found this guy in my season and although my scout says good signing. he is very young and is likely to improve, (better then frank lampard) he can play as a striker,anywhere along attacking midfielder and midfielder and can be trained to play as defensive midfielder he is also available for cheap as his minimum fee release clause is 7.5million but you should be able to buy him for 5.5million. hope you enjoy
  7. Wonderkids FM09

    yh he is still the same(maybe a little worse) and at the beginning his contract expires so you can get him for free
  8. if your looking for money then just sell wayne bridge to man city. i experimented twice and in my first game i received 40 million for him(in january transfer period in first season) in the second game i got 30 million( straight away when i started the game)
  9. if i wanted to sell a player, but i set the offer to buy at end of the season but the team offers 40 million up front, then will i get the money when the player goes to the club or when the offer is confirmed? thanks
  10. what do you want the game to do , make everyone cheap so you can buy anyone you want and then complain that the game is too easy !!!
  11. my game freezes whenever i click on preferences and comes up with the message "football manager 2009 has stopped working" then says windows will find a problem and closes the window. someone help . sorry if u have to repeat yourself.
  12. how did u manage to get it running?