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  1. Cool. I'm starting my save later this week when I finish work for xmas, and Godfrey is on my hitlist. Would be interested to know how he performs for you.
  2. Off topic, but how much did you pay for Hakimi?
  3. This would be an amazing feature and, frankly, it must be something they're working towards as this is so common in real life and they always talk about wanting the game to be as realistic as possible.
  4. Thanks for all the feedback. I'm happy tweaking tactics for the good of the team, but just wondered if anyone had figured out this specific thing - as we've all said, it's extremely common. I'd imagine it's an instruction given to most teams with attacking full backs, and is something pundits always mention on TV. I guess we can just hope it's intrduced in FM20.
  5. Is it possible to instruct your two full backs so that only one of them attacks at any given time? I'm 7 or 8 years in and have two fantastic attacking full backs (Aarons and Tierney) and have both set as WB-A in the full back berth, but I'm getting picked apart by balls in behind. I know there are other ways around this, such as playing a back 3, having a DM play as a half back to create a back three, having DMs sit etc etc... but something that is extremely common in the real world is for one full back to sit back when the other goes. A good current example being Pereira and Chilwell at Leic
  6. @knap Do you alter these at all situationally, or are your tests simply every game with this tactic for the full 90?
  7. Hey @knap What's the thinking behind the much lower tempo in this 4-3-1-2? Were you trying to mimic a particular side here?
  8. Tottenham have won more trophies throughout their history and finished above Everton 9 of the last 10 seasons, but sure.
  9. This "banter" is terrific lads, but does anyone actually have any saves where a big club, or even one of @NabsKebabs' small clubs, have been relegated? I'm itching to get stuck in to something new.
  10. I'm after a new challenge and wondered if anyone had a 'fallen giant' in their save, where big name clubs have fallen from grace. Ideally we're looking for your saves where clubs like Liverpool, Spurs, Atletico, Dortmund, or their equaivalents in other top leagues have been relegated and need a great young manager to return them to the top! If you've got one, post the save in here for us to download and play!
  11. I just stumbled across this old thread I started back in 2016. I'd say that for the first time I feel like there's a proper answer: Sandro Tonali is as close as I think you can get, in game at least.
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