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  1. Tried to reinstall. No go. I can't believe I fell for it again. I HATE STEAM!!!!!
  2. Does this not seem totally ridiculous? I have never had a problem installing any software, other than the two occasions that I have used Steam for Football Manager. Had Henry_14's problem and am attempting a reinstall.
  3. Have Braintree on the edge of qualifying for the BPL after 16 seasons. Just got a new season. Going to wait for a few patches before going with FM10.
  4. Are you telling me that when I'm yelling at the little men on my computer screen it isn't helping?
  5. Some MLS Trade Questions

    Quick follow up. Did some checking and it is apparent that the board decides who can and can't be a DP. Found some internationals that had expiring contracts. When I went to make an offer sometimes it would default to Designated. Other times Designated was in the drop down menu. Other times not at all. It must be related to the players status as the board was eager to give the Designated tag to most Brazilians or Spaniards, unwilling to Czechs or the Angolan DM that I really want. Cheers. Thanks for the discussion and help.
  6. Some MLS Trade Questions

    I found the Draft was a lot of fun actually. The best part of the MLS, so far. As you zero in on the guy you want and hope he is still available on your turn, it is exciting. Got two guys in my Draft that are playing semi-regularly the next year, so it was useful too.
  7. Some MLS Trade Questions

    Really? As I look down at my Canadian passport and look out my hotel window at the twinkling lights of a town near Boston, I find it a puzzle. It is sort of like North American sports with drafts and trades, sort of like world soccer with some transfers. I guess the most confusing part is the terminology. Allocation funds? Call them transfer funds. Discovery players? No clue.
  8. Some MLS Trade Questions

    Thanks. Thanks for this too.
  9. Some MLS Trade Questions

    Just tried it on an unattached player. DP not available. It clearly stated on the "Contract Offer" page that I have 1 DP slot available and am currently at 0. Like I said above, one player had it available. He just signed with someone, so that isn't an option.
  10. Some MLS Trade Questions

    Doesn't give me any options above Key. Maybe they have traded it. I've only been on the job for about six months. Any idea where to look to find out? When I click "offer to clubs" it asks for a DP slot.
  11. Some MLS Trade Questions

    Have only been able to "activate" that option for one player (a 30 year old American DM). Do they have to meet some sort of requirement to be eligible for a DP contract?
  12. Some MLS Trade Questions

    And that lasts forever? Not very forward thinking on their part.
  13. Some MLS Trade Questions

    In 2016. No current player on a DP and could use the help for my roster. A bunch of international contracts are expiring and I have an interenational slot too. Thought I could overpay someone on a DP, but can't figure out how to even offer it.
  14. Some MLS Trade Questions

    Colorado. Bounced from my Scottish Premier job and they were the first team to offer me a job. Some crazy rules in MLS.
  15. Some MLS Trade Questions

    Also, how do you offer a Designated Player contract? Only one guy, who I didn't want, has had it available when I approached to sign him. Is it something a player has to qualify for? And if so, how does he do it? Thanks.