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  1. Paqueta will be a Milan player in January, I hope this is fixed on the full release.
  2. All the players in Premiere League are fake, in Classic mode and normal mode too. I tried restarting and turning on/off "Use fake players" and it does not work.
  3. FM needs a leap forward regarding training, I totally agree with you Cleon. I agree also with your points but I think the advanced step forward would be to replicate what actually happens in training and how it affects the tactics and in game behavior. I would like to have the possibility to train game plans, schemes or plays, however you want to call them. E. g. training how your forwards should link with the midfield and so on. Now, this happens by setting roles, PI, etc. but more depth to this would take the game to an other level. I know not everybody understands football (I belive Xavi once said that only 5% of people watching it, really understand it - and I agree) but for people who want more, this would be a nice feature (even opptionally).
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