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  1. Is there a way to upgrade to the full version without paying for the full game?
  2. Had this problem but solved it. Go to development, then in the individual training bit select the position drop down and choose their natural position at the top. This will stop the new position training.
  3. Yeah, definitely not on reject all bids. I'll check that unwanted list next time, as I think it gives the reasons on there.I'll probably be back! Cheers for the replies.
  4. It says "[club] have rejected bids from [club(s)] for [player]" Sacked my DOF early in the season and don't have one now, all staff responsibilities are min apart from assigning scouts and finding loan clubs for youth players. Maybe Barcelona have some bad relationships with certain clubs?!
  5. Is the club rejecting bids for players a normal thing or something which can be turned on/off within the game somewhere? I've come across this before when automatically setting "reject all offers" in the players transfer status, but at the moment something in the background seems to be deciding not to accept offers from certain clubs!
  6. Cheers. Just found the option, surprisingly in the "Transfer" drop-down menu on the player, and there's the option to make an offer. Sure I already looked there!Cheers.
  7. Is there any way to buy the stake of the player currently owned by the agent, if the player is already at your club?
  8. Completely the opposite for me. Can count on one hand the amount of times I've been sacked in FM games since Champ Man days..... until this one. Started three games on this one and been sacked three times by February! Not much fun.
  9. I don't think saying "Let's not pretend he's some world beater just yet" as SSN said is an unreasonable thing to say. We've had a Barca youth(s) before and they haven't reached the level. Obviously some people know more than others about certain leagues, and people tend to defend the leagues they watch a lot of.
  10. Aren't they going into administration?.... Or was that Hearts?
  11. I was just talking about in general. Link i posted is a good example of what i meant. You're probably right, but i can only speak for myself and i'd be happy if we signed him.
  12. Yeah, and he's a good player. Versatile and the type of character we're after.But as for the rest, like i said on the previous page, even with players i like you have to wait until you see them in that red shirt before you can tell. This article does a good job of outlining his strengths, but is almost dangerously optimistic. http://anfieldmole.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/henrikh-mkhitaryan-armenian-assassin-in.html
  13. Almost as much as the effort some people are going to to convince us they're the best players in the world. Wait and see, but will certainly be pleased if we sign Mkhitaryan.
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