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  1. Argumentative for the sake of it haha nothing new there then Lets face it English is the easiest language to learn
  2. Yeah ull get the oz job more easier than a big nation, like forest said its probs down to that nation only want there own nationality manager.
  3. But it is pre determined results barside I wasn't saying nothing that isn't true, of course the result can still be influenced to a certain degree in the match
  4. Thats it!!!! Im done!!!

    I've always just have one save in the Scottish leagues and I alway dominate but have lost my save after 22 years was gutted, hav started a new one with Truro and have to say its solid to start with as in admin struggling after 4 seasons in the bss, I have 5 or 6 players that are interested in signing for me out of 50000 player database which seriously does my head in, so I'm having to try and develop my youth team to a decent standard to do anything as I can't sign no one ha but it's what makes it harder for me so it's all good
  5. Ridiculous!

    FFP is a pointless rule for big clubs its the smaller clubs it will hurt
  6. Play The 'Game'

    Haven't you figured out yet that what I say is to wind you up, I love a good bite on this forum far too many serious ppl on here c'mon just have a laugh
  7. Managing consistency?

    The only thing u can do is praise him and hope he keeps scoring
  8. Well if he's on part time he will train them until he has finished his shift ha so yes he will train full time players
  9. I think they should concentrate on making the full game better without as much flaws than making time consuming expansions
  10. I'm going to give it 5/10, I just wish it wasn't pre determined results but hey ho that's life can't have it good all the time
  11. Star ratings don't work as far as I know, bugged like a lot of things in the game :-)
  12. Play The 'Game'

    Yet you've come on to bitch about bitching ha you can't make this stuff up
  13. April Fools

    Go away hahaha what you going to do if he doesn't? if you don't like the thread don't read it simples