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  1. I was getting major lag with any settings in 3d match, the same problem was happening in fm18 and 19 but was much worse this year. I was playing around with my Nvidia control panel 3D settings and I have fixed the of the lag for the 3D match engine. Try these https://imgur.com/a/WHiDcDS and restart the game. I wonder if the game is having problems with 144hz gsync monitors and/or queuing frames, but mine is very smooth now without the fps jumping up and down.
  2. My reserve keeper wanted a loan, i offer him out then accept the loan bid. The other team pulls out of the deal but the player blames me for rejecting it, I offer him out again and the same team offers a loan then cancels it. My player handed in a transfer request now because I keep breaking promises to him. Files Uploaded to the SI Cloud Service: Matthew Dargan - Wolvesbefore.fm Matthew Dargan - Wolvesafter.fm
  3. Good for you i guess. This has only happened since 18.3, here is a picture of the problem https://imgur.com/a/wQdN
  4. The filters do not work, before the patch I could set it to show only manager jobs and it will show first team jobs. Now it shows jobs for First team, Reserves and Under 20/18s, I'm in the middle of a journeyman save and this is a pain in the backside. My scroll bar for the Job centre is massive now, even when trying to sort the columns it will not put first team jobs together.
  5. 18.3 has broken the Job Centre, it is showing all under 20s and Reserves jobs, with the amount of leagues I loaded the list is massive. It is making it hard to see available jobs.
  6. It seems to be completely random when this happens, The game crashes when it is processing on the Calendar. It was fine before 18.0.3 I have 4 crash dumps attached. Matty114_FM 2018 v18.0.3.1036176 (2017.11.05 01.58.11).dmp Matty114_FM 2018 v18.0.3.1036176 (2017.11.05 11.11.50).dmp Matty114_FM 2018 v18.0.3.1036176 (2017.11.05 12.24.14).dmp Matty114_FM 2018 v18.0.3.1036176 (2017.11.05 18.26.11).dmp
  7. Scouting > Players and it is the Interested in tick boxes near the quick search button.
  8. I was looking forward to this but I am a little disappointed. - I do not like just how much extra unnecessary clicking has been added. - Too many clicks to access scouting filters and too many clicks to change them. - I don't understand the need to move the second and third teams down to the bottom of the sidebar, I keep going to the top of my screen to select my Under 23s but they are nowhere near my Squad button now. It's only a minor complaint but it bugs me. - I did 10 pre-game team talks then got bored of them, too much clicking - The pre and half time team talks, the 2017 UI was so much better to give team talks and to see reactions, same complaint as above. - Holy **** the pitch is bad, it feels over the top bright and is too "smooth". - Less camera options. - Fullscreen Windowed taken out. - I do not like the little buttons to change mentality when in a match, I like in 2017 at a click glance you can see what mentality you are currently using. In 2018 it is hidden behind a click. The scoreboard and clock is just a tiny thing in the corner of the screen, This might have something to do with me playing at 1440p but I feel the whole match UI was better in 2017. - I do not like the players names being all CAPS. These are the things that I can think of at the moment I do not like. The game feels like it made some nice steps forward but so much stuff has been unnecessarily changed and is worse then 2017. I am hoping someone makes a 2017 skin for it and that should change my opinion.
  9. This is why i set the auto save to weekly and try to save before and after every game. Every couple of days IRL I back up my save to my Dropbox and to my portable hard drive.
  10. Just 2 things I think will make the game better to do with the player(you) moving clubs and retiring When the Manager/you retires you should be able to pick a date at the end of the season when this happens, this will give the team time to find a replacement and it could provide some interesting press conversations like being ask who you think should replace you. Another good feature would be when offered a new job after the season started you could say you will take over at the end of the season, during this time the new club could hire a caretaker until you take over.
  11. I just ran the benchmark again with a better overclock. The benchmark only used 13% max of my cpu and it only hit 4.5Ghz on a match day,here is a picture during the benchmark and this is one of my Man utd save with 32 leagues with the top tiers on full detail. This is my fastest time for the benchmark CPU: I7 5820k CPU Frequency: 4500 MHz @ 125 base clock RAM: 16Gb DDR4 2750Mhz 14-14-14-35-1T OS: Win 8.1 64-bit Storage: OS on SSD and Game on HD Time: 3 Minutes 52 seconds
  12. I only took a £50 loss for the 4790k parts because I sold them to a family member so IMO it was worth it and I wanted to upgrade due to haswell-e having a soldered HS/die, I can push my overclock more with my custom water loop. I didn't feel like delidding my 4790k. The encoding performance is much better aswell
  13. I upgraded from a 4790k @ 4.5Ghz to a 5820k, I have noticed a good performance increase with the haswell-e chip in Fm15. When doing this 1 week test only 1 thread is loaded and the other 11 are doing nothing, in my normal game with loads of leagues at high detail levels all 12 cores get to at least 50% load at the same time.
  14. I just ran this, How did that 4790k get 4 minute 20 seconds. CPU: I7 5820k 6 Cores/12 Threads CPU Frequency: 4400 MHz RAM: 16Gb DDR4 2666Mhz 14-14-14-35-1T OS: Win 8.1 64-bit Storage: OS SSD Game on HD Time: 5 Minutes 10 seconds Recorded time with a stopwatch on my phone. Edit: Restarted and tried again, got it down to 4 Minutes and 7 seconds.
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