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  1. Tycoon Takeover in League 1?

    Had a couple non-league teams on my current save and seen them shoot up the leagues pretty quickly. Highmoor Ibis got a Tycoon take over at the end of the 2018/2019 season and pretty rapidly shot up the leagues within 10 years are now challenging to get out of league one at the second attempt. They have a current wage spend of £20m a season. The other team I noticed was Aylestone Park who go a Tycoon takeover during the 2024/25 season and now 5 years later are as well challenging to get out of league 1 at the first attempt with a playing budget of £40m!! Seen a couple around Europe too in my time as well, only noticed Highmoor when I was managing up in Scottish Premier and was out bid on a player to them
  2. Unattached players

    I have seen players reduce demands after they have been out the game for a couple months as I picked up some good players for AFC Fylde in the Skrill Prem when they wouldn't sign for me at the start of the season, I have been doing better then they thought I would be doing but they wage dropped they asked for was a couple hundred a week and was able to get them down to what my board will allow.
  3. How long have you been in the Championship for and do you will have standing sections in your stadium? I think after 2/3 seasons you have to have all seater for the Championship all the standing areas are unusable? Might be something to do with that?
  4. Advice for unlocking lower leagues please

    Has Voasy updated it since then? I had problems with that one... Its not bad does have a few bugs in the database, the big one being the FA cup 3rd round being set to the National stadium, so everyone was at Wembley.
  5. The Level 11 (English Step 6) Expansion Pack For FM2014

    FCUtdWill, using your download for the lower league got to say better then the one I tried before it!! Do you know of any club logo packs for the lower leagues in this download? Ninja Monkey
  6. Promoted to Championship, Now What?

    You might have a hard time with loans in the Championship as most clubs will want you to pay a loan fee and at least 50% of the wages for the play in question. Best bet it to look for players who have just been released, scout players from Europe mainly the eastern European players. Other then that just keep your players morale up to get the best out of the players you have already
  7. I was like that with my save playing as Fleetwood.. was 24 and 0 ... went down hill after that think i am on 27 , 2 and 6 now with second place Gateshead catching me up after being 15 points clear at one point
  8. not allowed to talk about it due to licensing.. google it!
  9. Monthly Awards Suspended?

    have you checked your subscriptions to make sure you have signed up to receive the news item? Sorry missed the picture as my internet is being slow, not a clue why that would happen
  10. Who to listen to ? Coaches or Scouts?

    You have to click on the report and it will show you the actual ability and potential ability .. if you are just looking at the list that the scout makes it will show the highest star ie his potential not his actual. The scot will probably say he is a 1/2* actual but has potential if you check on the full report of the players in question
  11. Forum not loading in Chrome

    It has happened to me as well I don't think it is down to this forum thought as it has happened to me on a few others as well
  12. United finished 2nd in 11/12 season behind Arsenal then won the Premierleague in 12/13 season and haven't won anything else in my game. Although one thing I did find funny about United was in 13/14 season Ferguson retired and they have hired Holloway after he managed to get Blackpool promoted back to the Premiership
  13. TUFC it was the same in FM11 as soon as you got into the Championship or above they made you pay wages and/or a loan fee. They brought it in after talking to clubs or agents and they suggested it was more realistic at that level of football for the parent clubs to want the team to pay the wages usually 100% but as far as i remember most on the game just ant 50%
  14. If they send you a player they will pay all the wages, it was the same in FM11 not sure why they do that but I am guessing it was due to research into actual clubs and most must pay a percentage when they get loan players in
  15. Did you get promoted back into the championship? if you did they always want you to give some wages even your parent club do