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  1. He played really well for me at braga, think he was my captain, was gonna put him up here myself but i was too lazy I do think you need the portuguese leagues loaded though?
  2. Im about 99% Riquelme would make a wee bit bigger dent in the finances...
  3. Zapata deffo anyhow! You're CBs are far worse than you're attacking options! Gignac, pogrebnyak, Sanchez and Aquino are all excellent!
  4. De Gea is way to young at the start and takes a while to develop, Erick Delgado is a good goalkeeper or maybe Oswaldo Sanchez?
  5. That would be really helpful
  6. I played Beevers in my 3rd season, he was my best CB and we finished 11th after promotion to the prem the year before (huddersfield)
  7. I usually put mentality down below defensive, time wasting to max and D-line to below Deep and i rarely have any problems. Sometimes i also put attack down both flanks on and catch them on the break. Do this as soon as you see them changing to 424. For me it means that they no longer go from being a beaten team to world beaters, but still means im sat back so they can come at me a little.
  8. Beye is also a RB not CB
  9. Finally another update from me! I have been disappointing so far in me 2nd season in the prem. Im aiming for 7/8 and find myself currently in 10th, but its still only october and my team is definately improving year on year! I have been very impressed with the 20million that the board keeps giving me for transfer funds each year and i have been able to sign a few notable names e.g N'kolou, Dzagoev and Teixeira!
  10. For instance i have a 18 year old DC with the lable "Unsporting" How would i alter this and help him get to his potential and aquire a good tag?
  11. Is it possible when doing a search via any method to look for a player with specific PPM's. Otherwhys its really slow clicking on everyone and looking at positions etc, Im looking really to find good tutors as much as anything else.
  12. In this case what should i be looking for in the perfect tutors? I mean sometimes i buy a player that is not even as good as the player hes going to be tutoring..
  13. Other Dortmund on single player and Carlisle and Huddersfield online!
  14. Erick Delgado, makaridze isnt too bad
  15. He has done brilliantly for one of my friends playing at AT madrid, outscoring Aguero