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  1. Home and away Stats for FMH iOS

    "In" is an abbreviation of Interceptions
  2. Hi We've requested that they're grouped in to fewer news items and it's something on the list of things to do in future.
  3. The Team Report, which you can see through your Squad -> Action menu, shows your strongest defender, midfielder and attacker. This should help a little.
  4. FMH 2012 - Full Change list

    It's something I would personally like to see but, being an unlockable item, it is also quite a good reward for people who have enough dedication to manage deep in to the game.
  5. No it's just for other teams. This is how it used to be many years ago in older versions of our game. It would be a bit confusing to be told who your "best" players were as you might disagree.
  6. FMH 2012 - Full Change list

    To start as a nation, you must first get a job as a nation during the game. Regularly visit the Jobs screen to see if any national teams have a manager vacancy. If you get a national job, you must win an international tournament in order to unlock national management. After winning it you will then be able to start as a nation in new games. Yes, you can now drag players in to just about any position on the pitch and then save the custom formation. At the moment, the ability to drag is only available outside a match but you can load your custom formations during the match if desired.
  7. newbie questions

    Hi there, 1) Plug your device into your computer 2) Start iTunes 3) Select your device within iTunes, from the Devices menu section over on the left 4) View the 'Apps' tab - selected from the top of the middle part of the screen, not the menu over on the left 5) Scroll down the screen to the 'File Sharing' area 6) Highlight 'FM 2012' .dat files are your save games, and there can be up to 5 of them. The manually saved games are named fm_save1.dat through to fm_save4.dat with the name reflecting the save slot used (1 = top slot, 4 = bottom slot). hidden.dat is the current Automatic Save file on the device. - Just highlight the ones you wish to delete and press delete or backspace (mac) on your keyboard. - There is actually no real need to delete the saves as you can just save over them with other games.
  8. FMHi 2012 Corner Kick Bug?

    Hi, thanks for getting in touch. Yes this is a bug, we are aware of it and we appreciate that it looks strange.
  9. [FMHiOS 2012] Manual Glitch

    Hi there, There have been improvements to this from last year's manual, believe it or not! It performs best on iOS 5. Sadly the only work around is what you have already been doing, rebooting the app. Otherwise, having patience and using the manual slowly is a sensible approach to avoid it encountering the glitch you describe. Could you let me know which device you are using and which software "version" you have? This can be found in Settings -> General -> About.
  10. Serious Bug for Ipad

    Hi enthon, The easiest way to pick players manually is by dragging the position tile, listed on the left, on to the name of the player you want to pick. This is possible on the Detailed or Overview squad view.
  11. We have this logged and agree it is annoying.
  12. FMH 2012 - Full Change list

    This is only an option which enables a cursor. This cursor is not yet present on the iPhone 4S but you can still mirror the game. A guide on doing so is here in the "How to enable AirPlay Mirroring" section: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4085
  13. FHMi 2012 - Slow match engine

    With Retina/HD enabled the game is generally slower, including the match engine. At the moment it is a bit of a sacrifice you make for the clearer graphics but we are obviously aware of this and hope to improve things. How do you feel otherwise about the HD?
  14. As long as you use the same iTunes account you should only have to pay once. The easiest way to do it is through your computer, with which you can sync your iPad once you have it.
  15. How large is the DB?

    Fierro, Demirci, Sterling and Coulibaly are all there (can depend on where you are managing) Ocampo and Tassi - we will get back to you There are obviously lots of others present too.