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  1. Hi Alex, My apologies, I only keep one version of my saved game so don't have any from a few years ago. Clearly there's something 'missing' in this respect for a few of us playing the game, I'd be interested to know if there's any way of resolving it once you've finished investigating.
  2. Now before you state the obvious, I don't think it's just because I'm rubbish! Here's the deal. I have managed Southport for seven years, since I first started the game. In that time I have taken them from a part-time, non-League club to the Championship, twice finishing as champions of a division and winning the Manager of the Month awards several times. My reputation is 'National' and my job status is 'Untouchable'. Imagine my surprise, then, when I became alerted to the fact that there is apparently an interview feature in the game. And that some players attend several even over the course of a single season. Furthermore, other players are frequently the subject of media speculation linking them to other clubs. Why, then, have I not received a single invitation to a job interview at any point of the game? Why is my name never linked with any other club no matter how big or small? Why am I never featured in the bookmaker odds to take up the reins at a club that has a vacancy? In short, is there a setting unticked somewhere that I have missed to turn this feature on? Or has a part of the game somehow simply not loaded? Anyone else have this issue? Any advice gratefully received.
  3. I am using three tactics that I have imported to the game from the download centre. I'm sure I'm just being a bit thick, but I can't figure out a way to include the two I'm not using as 'alternative tactics' for players to be schooled in at the same time as my current one. Whenever I click 'add tactic' I get the 'Create a new tactic' or 'Use existing tactic' options; however, my two additional imported tactics don't show up and I'm stuck with the standard choice of 4-33s/4-4-2s etc etc. Can anyone advise? Many thanks.
  4. Hi, just click and drag down your squad so all are highlighted and then right click, training, rest and choose your desired rest time.
  5. This tactic has been great for me over the last three seasons with Hoffenheim. Not to the extent that some of the screenshots on this thread show but excellent, nonetheless. Unfortunately it now appears to have finally lost its sparkle after a run of many games without a win. Previously a single loss was a rare enough result so five in a row is devastating (particularly as I've now all but handed Bayern the title!) I know the players I have now are as good if not better than last season and for the first part of this year the tactic was as good as ever. All of which makes me wonder whether there really does come a point where the game gets 'wise' to what you're doing and puts the dampers on it. It certainly feels that way. The tweaks haven't made a difference unfortunately. So it's with sadness (but also great congratulations to Fuss in the first place) that I start my search for another tactic!
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