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  1. things are starting to look up results wise now i have everyone back from injury... 4-0 away at peterborough 5-0 home to millwall followed by a great 2-0 home win v southampton... i got a warning message from the media that i might get sacked if i did not win so just as well! along with the injuries clearing up i have changed from 4132 to 442 formation and stuck varney and huseklepp up top instead of the fuctas, benjani, kitson taget men....made a big difference, lets just hope the injuries stay away and someone decides to invest some money..my loan/cva repayments start in jan 2013 and they total £1m a month
  2. ben-haim norris mullins ashdown mokoena vine ward...who was my only senior central midfielder!
  3. well I am struggling a little after selling (through no choice of mine) many of the first team and without the ability to buy... so many youth and reserve players are getting a chance; even resorted to giving a grey player a contract to boost numbers! so after about 15 games we are still bottom but only by a point...so i am reasonably confident we will avoid relegation... got loads of injuries, so my first eleven has not played much so far which is... henderson pearce rocha magri halford etuhu lawrence varney stockford an any other reserve/youth player! fuctas or benjani or sometimes kitson huseklepp massive payments to be made to "owners" and cva...but did just get £1.2m for selling the boateng sell-on clause... do have a £340k transfer kitty and only £20k per week over wages budget but still can't pay anyone more than £90 per week looking for to getting through the season and then hopefully having a chance!
  4. Have the new owners cleared any of the debts or pumped any money in?
  5. I have started a new game with the new patch...wow it's gonna be hard... Massive loan repayments kick in early in the new year, on top of havingno money...not allowed to bring any loans in, can't buy anyone, can get any frees unless they take £90 pw, can't renegotiate wages down unless they take £90, and until I get rid of at least kitson, varney, lawrence, or huseklepp I want get the budget down below the new maximum... I love it ! 4 games in and on minus 5 points after 2 decent draws and a thumping 4-0 away win at forest
  6. I got Dodo at start of season 3...splashed £11m but he is absolute quality...if you are in season 2 you might get him for less... also try looking at Gaetano Beradi, he is back up to Dodo but can also play DR from memory
  7. i am also in season three and if you look at my post 137 above you will see things get better money wise from the players i have bought. my stadium is also beingexpanded by 5000 , but it takes a year to build! i took the boateng monies too!
  8. Interesting, Lawrence was a star for me in the championship...loads of assists and goals...played him AMR I stuck with benjani and he scored a few but Nemeth on a free did it for me after a bit of bedding in... Huseklepp was good but like you got injured... Varney never did it for me either...i had chamberlain on loan from arsenal which meant AML was sorted...
  9. followed up my 8-0 hammering of Bolton with a 6-0 away win at Blackburn...amazed really...was 4-0 at half time... then a 2-1 home win v Villa...was 1-0 down with 20 minutes to go but turned it around with a last minute penalty scored by Fleck.... good times so far!
  10. OK, here is my current first team squad going into 2013/14 GK Hildebrand/McCarthy DL Dodo / Gaetano Beradi DR Wass / Gosling DC Frederik Sorensen / Mathais Jorgensen / Matthieu Saunier DMC Oriol Romeu / Modeste M'Bami MC Andile Jali AML Yoann Court / Adam Johnson AMR Sean Scannell / Wilfried Zaha AMC John Fleck / Eyal Golasa / Viktor Fischer SC Connor Wickham / Kristian Nemeth Plenty of great talent in the reserves too...just need to keep everyone happy...
  11. cheers for the update...will show you my team later to compare but to a man its completely different! Like you, got loads of good youngsters but i can't resist a few big name purchases...Dodo a DL from Brazil cost me £11m and I got Wickham from Sunderland for £5m...and Andrew Johnson from Man City for £3.5m
  12. bit of a quiet thread.....so here is my update for you... Finished 7th in my first season in the perm....which i was very happy with...no euro football though which is my aim for this season... chamberlain was great for me on loan from arsenal but they will not let me loan him again this season which is a shame... as usual, i have gone for the younger player in my transfer policy...and so lawrence, rocha (retired and now one of coaches) went during the summer despite getting the most assists in the whole league! Managed to get a stadium extension but it takes a year and will bump us up to 25000....also upgraded the youth facilities... 2 games into the new season...lost 2-0 away at liverpool, but then walloped Bolton 8-0! Just beaten Charlton 1-0 in the league cup with my second string which was nice and now got another home draw v Millwall... How is anyone else doing?....
  13. no, i wouldn't...seen him at wolves and doing nothing in my game
  14. did the chairman pump in some money during the championship campaign?; they did with me, about £7m...so I have to pay that back as well as the CVA!...so about £4m a year in loan/cva repayments you say full houses but (as in real life) 20k full houses does not bring in a lot...really curious how we will look in say 3-5 years time....hopefully in a nice spanking new 40k stadium! Depending on results come January I might sacrifice one of my better players for a wad of cash but then I only get 20% to spend so the striker I need now will need to be plucked from somewhere obscure or on loan!
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