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  1. If I was to loan a player out to another team, does it affect them gaining home grown status or do they still count as being at the club?
  2. And my stupidity is laid bare for all to see. I knew it would be something simple that I just overlooked. Cheers for the help.
  3. I'm not sure if this is bug or my stupidity but I have just navigated to my first team squad page and there are no players listed. I then tried looking on the tactics page and still no players are listed, but the players who played my last game are still in place on the pitch picture. I also tried looking at the squad registration pages but still no players are showing. Just wondering whether this is something I have done or whether it is a genuine bug? Thanks in advance for any replies
  4. I only had about £25,000,000 in the bank when they announced it which isn't very much at all, but seeing as I ended up winning the league last season a 30,000 seater satdium isn't enough so I can only assume a huge loan will be taken out. As I currrently stand, I have £35,000,000 in the bank so it isn't as though I spend the money they was going to build the stadium with.
  5. In my save with Burnley, I was granted permission for a new stadum by the board. It was around January in the year 2015 when it was granted and it said that my stadium was in the planning stage and would be completed by the 4th of July 2015. Well the 4th of July came and on the day of the 4th of July the completion date jumped to 27.5.2018 in three years time. The funny thing was that the stage that the stadium was in remained as 'Planning'. I was just wondering whether this meant that the planning stage hasn now been extended by three years or whether the stadium will take 3 years to be ready? Thanks for any help in advance Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. Player Name: Diego Buonanotte Match: Burnley vs Tottenham (English League Cup Final) Brief Goal Description: In the 6th minute of extra time, the ball is passed into Buonanotte's feet 20 yards from goal and Buonanotte chips home a beautiful winner over Gomes's head.
  7. Robot Wars sign up

    Chris Owen to win goal frenzy
  8. Player Name: George Tugby Position: AMR Club:West Brom Date Of Birth: 28/06/1996 Attributes at 20: Determination, Dribbling, Technique Height: 185cm Weight: 65Kg Nationality: English Updates Monthly/Yearly: Monthly Any other information: Favourite Club: Tottenham Hotspur
  9. Carlo Ancelotti has just taken over the job after Euro 2012 in my game
  10. Small Country With Big Ambition

    Name: George Tugby Team: 2 Position: RM 3 Key Attributes: Dribbling, Pace, Acceleration
  11. I've just got another message on the 22nd May (the day after the Champions Cup Final) saying that I've now qualified for the Champions Cup and my league status has been changed, So I think the game has managed to sort itself out but the amount of different messages I have been getting it may well change again. Sorry for wasting peoples time.
  12. I thought that at first but the season just gone was only the 2011-2012 season and as Man Utd are in the final of the Champions Cup (they won the Premier Division) I don't think that the reputation of England would be reduced enough to lose a Champions Cup spot
  13. I've just fininshed my second season with Burnley and after managing to get Burnley promoted in my thier first season, I managed to achieve 4th place in the league securing my position at 4th on the last day of the season. Originally as expected I was awarded a position in the Champions Cup but also at the same time a Euro Cup place which I didnt understand. I checked the league table and it still said that I had qualified for the Champions cup and not the Euro Cup so I assumed the message was just an error. Then on the 10th of May I got another message stating that I had qualified for the Euro Cup and my status on the lague table was changed to having qualified for the Euro Cup. At first I assumed that the eithier 5th place Liverpool or 6th place Chelsea had won the Champions League but neither had done so. So I am left wondering why I have only be awarded a Euro Cup place when I was inially given a Champion Cup Position. I wouldn't be so worried about it apart from the fact that the finncail windfall of the champions league is massive so to miss out on such a paypacket due to an game error would really effect my team severely. Thanks for any help in advance
  14. Robot Wars sign up

    Name: George Tugby DOB: 28-06-1994 Team: Everton Nationality: English 2nd Nationality: None Attributes at 20: Determination PA: 190 CA: 75 Position: ST Favoured Club: Tottenham