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  1. constant badgering of me...anyway leave it ...i would like to join but i respect you dont want op ...cheers and enjoy
  2. ok ..i cant join this sign up because of RI ...i will leave just because you abuse me on here...all i can i say is Wow...
  3. im not inactive ...i have all the time to take part in this and other competitions...you obviously dont like me for some reason..but i really dont care ...you put me across to people as a troll and compelete idiot im sick of your bullying ..simply what i do has nothing tto do with you so please leave me alone
  4. `oiii ri ...i wont to join up to this..im not running this sign up....who the hell are you to tell people that...sam ruff i would like qpr please...if i do anything wrong feel free to kick me
  5. how do you do this i would love to know
  6. id be up for it sure now i have the time to dedicate myself to it
  7. pal its ur tactics change them dont moan the games wrong
  8. road to knighthood

    Full Name: zlatan smith Nick Name(Optional): jonnyboy Ethnicity: N.Europe Hair Colour: pink Skin Tone: yellow DoB(DD/MM): 03/11 City of birth: east fife Nation: Scotland Second Nation(1): Job Preference(2): Manager/Scout Languages(2): English Height:188cm Weight:88kg Foot Strength(LF(1-20) RF(1-20)):LF - 15 RF - 20 Position(s): ST/AMR Pick 4 Physical Attributes: Pace, Acceleration, Agility, Stamina Pick 6 Mental Attributes: Off Ball, Anticipation, Composure, Decisions, Determination, Work Rate Pick 6 Technical Attributes: Finishing, Dribbling, Technique, Long Shots, Passing, Crossing Favorite Person(1): henrik larsoon Favorite Club(1): Man Utd
  9. Becoming a Legend

    some people so greedy on fm
  10. From Rags to riches.Sign up

    2nd game of the season...we are losing 9-0 to fleetwood when lighting hits the staduim and the match is abandoned the fleetwood go crazy and abduct bobby and jermaine easster
  11. if you implement a motherboard into the 3d engine then it will be very good game
  12. Signings when drunk

    i signed a summons once when drunk
  13. listen pal im just giving my opinon ...simple as that
  14. giggs and scholes are past it please retire....we need to buy two cm very quickly guys