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  1. Trust me I understand you completely, I’ve been there before. What I can see in that picture is that you are being heavily pressed. The BWM has a defend duty, so he is more cautious in his decisions. Also, you are using a balanced mentality, so overall his mentality should be “defensive”, you can check this in the player instruction tab. This might be the reason why he passed to the CB, he saw that as a not risky pass. Also, you use lower tempo, shorter passing and play out of defense. This instructs your team to build from the back slowly. Maybe that’s why your team was so
  2. I like what you’re doing but lets take it a bit slower. I understand you’re playing the game right now and want to get on with it , but it’s better if you analyze whats wrong instead of getting angry and going gung-ho with tactical changes. Ill try to help a bit altough I’m not an expert but, like you, i want to understand this game and football better. lets look at your pic with the BWM from before ; you were pretty happy with the shape, so what didnt go as expected there? Your bwm(d) passed it back to defenders, they got pressed and aguero scored. What did you want your bwm to do
  3. Hey, I followed the guide here : and changed my local data folder from my SSD to the other harddrive. The saves are all there now but after copying all the logos in the new folder I can't get them to work in game. I copied them inside the new Footballmanager2017/graphics/logos , I unchecked skin cache from preferences and checked reload skin on confirm, but still it doesn't seem to work. Does this local data change only work with save games?
  4. I was a very big fan of your Invincibles thread, but always wanted to see something more defensive/counter attacking from you. This is it ! Amazing thread, very nice analysis. The part where you explained why you opted for very structured and how it affects everything was an eye opener. Please keep making these kind of threads. Subscribed to you on youtube, will look forward to more content like this.
  5. But left mid is still his natural position(original). I expect that he has green on right mid and attacking midfielder as well? If not, then it is a mistake.
  6. He started on the left and played mostly on the left side for Real Sociedad with Vela on the right side, no mistake here imo.
  7. This was the case last year as well, I don't think SI is at fault here ; it's more that we need to adapt to how real football teams are playing. Most of the big teams use strikers that drop deep or start from deep, I don't think the ST roles replicate that very well but the AM roles do and I think this is how it should be.
  8. Is there still a way to pick a club after loading the game? I want to check some squads before choosing, I don't want to choose at startup
  9. Im not sure that Scotland leaving the UK is that much of a fantasy situation, but maybe I just don't know things
  10. Very interesting to say the least. Kind of hoping for the 3rd version of Brexit just to add more difficulty to the game when playing in England.
  11. Sorry for saying something wrong ; the only reason I said so is because a couple years back I tweeted Miles after saying that he doesn't know exactly when the beta is ready and asked if he's just waiting for an ok from Sega and he said " something like that". My bad, won't say that again. VERY happy that multiplayer modes are included, was planning on a long saturday night with a friend.
  12. It's just a waiting game now for Sega to give the OK for the game and then it's released. Btw, were multiplayer games allowed in beta?
  13. This was unexpected. My highest hopes were for Thursday night and call in sick for Friday, but this is just perfect
  14. I know that in previous years they said " around two weeks before release" but as I recall, the process is something like this : when Miles is happy with the current build he sends it to Sega for their OK and then he just waits, thus why a couple of times he said that he really doesn't know when the beta is released because Sega need to sign their approval. As for the fact that CIV 6 is being launched on Friday, as far as I know when SI release the Beta they`re looking for numbers mostly. Like numbers of crosses scored per season, own goals in a season, red cards etc and they use t
  15. I think expecting it around next weekend should be more realistic
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