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  1. recently purchased a mac, always loved customising my game on my pc. Unfortunately I have no clue how to do it for my mac.. do I download same files etc??? any help appreciated. Thanks
  2. Nigeria job..

    yeah my game is unpatched. Im now on the case. Thanks
  3. Nigeria job..

    I just got offered the nigeria post and accepted it. But the game still does'nt have me in the position???? any ideas why this is?
  4. Big Problem - CD Not Recognised

    mate this is happening to loads of people, all si are saying is that there is a workaround via steam.. but why should we do this when we purchased what should be a woking game? its robbery. £30 for a dvd that dont even get recognised
  5. In the year 2014 on my current save. just about to start world cup campaign with england but every now and then from my squad screen, the screen goes bright white and i cant get my game or windows back.. very annoying! i have to re-start my computer and i lose any progress i've made. anyone have any ideas?
  6. dele adebola back on the amiga around 97ish, dude was class
  7. Dr josef venglos, im a failure
  8. Not for me but no harm in it i guess, may allow beginners to get a better understanding of the game at there own pace!
  9. Attributes you can't do without

    Decisions is a must for me, 15 upwards. Like all my boys to be mentally tough. Cant play football for nothin though
  10. Recently found myself watching full games as apposed to key highlights after thinking i would get a better picture of my teams strengths and weaknesses, and you really do get a better understanding of the match engine! just wondered how other fm'ers view matches?
  11. Your proudest FM achievement?

    winnin world cup on fm07 with england, wanna try and do it on 08 if get the chance
  12. Things that you love to see when playing

    My new striker bags three against his former club, long live Kevin Doyle! Villa legend in the making
  13. I find it strange after playing this game for many years i still get nervous on the opening game of every season. Im truly involved in this game and find myself thinkin more about this game than i do any other aspect of my life... Sad i know, but im sure im not alone. Can i get an Amen my fellow fm addicts??
  14. anger management

    i once ejected the game after goin 2-0 down to ipswich openin game of the season, they were newly promoted and my villa team were defending champions. anyway back to the point, ejected game with a curse or 10 and proceeded to snap my disk into 50 or so pieces much to my wifes disbelief... "its only a game" she says which adds to my anger.. needless to say i purchased another copy next day. wasted £30 but felt good at the time
  15. creativity

    can too much creativity in midfield be a bad thing?